I have some pretty exciting news to share. Are you ready for it? This year marks Canada's 150th birthday so I am committing to sharing with all of you 150 people, places and things that make Canada, well, Canada! I'm so excited because this is a project I have had in the works for a few months now and it all started with Parks Canada offering free admission to national parks in 2017. 

Let me back up a little. A few months ago I saw a rumour floating around on Facebook that the government was going to give free park admission to any site covered by Parks Canada. I quickly found their website that confirmed it was true! The pass grants you, your family and/or group (when travelling together) free admission to any national park, marine conservation or historic site. They even include a great map of their sites to help you plan your year! 

I signed up and waited for them to mail me the green pass you see above. While I waited, I started to think of all the Canadian places I want to visit and the history that I would like to learn. That's how the #Canada150Project came to be! I figured this year would be the best year to really immerse myself in all things Canadiana (I guess I will finally have to try poutine this year 😀 )

Even though I was born and raised in Canada, there is so much of this beautiful country I have not seen yet. I can't wait to set out and explore this great country, and to share all my adventures with you! You can follow along on Instagram where I will be using the hashtag #Canada150Project. My calendar is quickly filling up with visits and weekend adventures, but I'd love to hear some recommendations from you, dear reader. How beautiful are the mountains in Alberta really? How green is PEI? Is Quebec City really as storybook perfect as the pictures make it look?

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  1. Fantastic idea, Rox-Anne! Looking forward to learning from you and following along your adventures. I'm waiting for my pass to arrive! :)