Tunic Time

navy and white

As much as I love dressing up and even planning outfits, my busy life doesn't really allow me much time to do either. I demand a lot out of my wardrobe, it must be colourful and it has to pull double duty. Every time I buy something new, I consider how many different outfits I can make out of the item, thereby coming up with a good cost-per-wear number. These white cropped jeans and navy blue tunic are something I get a lot of use out of.

summer style

wicker bag

navy tunic

summer outfit






Tunic (old, try this one!) | Jeans | Earrings
Bag (Vintage, love this one & this one) | Sandals | Lipstick | Blush | Mascara

I bought this Jones New York tunic just before I left for Mexico earlier this year. It has quickly become my go-to summer shirt for the days when I just don't have the time to stand around in my closet. (This style is no longer for sale but I love this Tory Burch tunic, this all navy tunic and this white printed one for under $40!)  I love pairing it with white jeans, as I have done here, because it is a great base look. By that I mean that you can slip on a pair of sandals and be done with your outfit or if you want to elevate the look a little, you can add a funky pair of earrings and add a great pair of heels. 

A tunic is something that you can put into your suitcase and get at least three looks out of it, wear it on it's own as a bathing suit cover up, add a pair of white shorts and a red ball cap for a casual look, or with jeans and heels for a night out. That really helps bring the cost per wear down!

The only place I don't wear this tunic? To work. The last time I did one of the guys on my floor asked me where I parked my yacht. Ok, point taken. If you can wear it as a beach coverup, it's probably not office appropriate.

And let's talk about this little wicker bag for a second. I bought this beautiful summer bag from an antique store in Lewiston, NY for $6. You read that right. That's a lot cheaper then what you can find on the Nordstrom sale (is anyone shopping this? I'd love to hear your thoughts about the whole #NSale thing). Keep your eyes peeled while visiting antique shops and markets this summer, I always make sure to check the booths with vintage clothing. While some of the actual clothing might not be your cup of tea (or your size, I find vintage sizing to be all over the place), you can't go wrong with accessories. I'm constantly picking up square scarves and chunky necklaces from antique shops! Happy hunting! 


  1. I cannot believe that purse was $6! I wouldn't be able to pass it up!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. I think your top is work appropriate, no matter what your co-workers say, haha! It is a navy top with an interesting neckline - what could be bad!?


  3. I think your tunic is definitely appropriate for the office! I'm already tired of hearing about the Nordstrom sale.

  4. You look fabulous Rox-Anne!!
    And can I just say I'm over the #Nsale thing. I mean, I understand why it's a big thing, but I want to see outfit photos!!

  5. I thought I heard this morning that for us Canadians the Nordstrom sale was in store only. I've never bought anything online as the shipping and duty at Nordstrom is ridiculous.