Last Fall...

fall style

It looks like we are *finally* going to see some fall weather this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! This weekend AMH and I have some fall activities planned and you know me, I am knee deep into fall outfit planning. 
I started flipping through old photos on my phone to see what outfits I wore last year so I can take my favourite pieces and create new looks. Each season I add a few new items into my rotation and while I do love picking up a new item, it's my classic wardrobe pieces that make me the happiest! My vintage plaid toggle jacket will be in my closet for all of eternity and I have a few sweaters that I've had since just after high school that I will never part with. And that should be the point, creating not only a timeless wardrobe (because it saves you money in the end) but a wardrobe you can actually feel excited about! 

Since I was walking down memory lane, I thought I would share my favourite looks from last year. Keep your eyes peeled this fall season, I can guarantee you will be seeing these items restyled! 

fall outfit

all jean outfit

plaid and jeans

fall work outfit

outdoor fall outfit

fall blazer outfit

fall style

quilted coat for fall

fall outfit

rain in the fall

dresses in fall


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