Quick & Healthy Breakfast Options

quick breakfast options

There is just something about fall that makes life feel a little more hectic than usual in the mornings. The lazy days of summer are over, the kids are back to school and at work, it's the last few months before the end of the year rush. I found myself stuck in a breakfast rut and craving some very quick, easy and healthy breakfast options.

I love a quick bowl of cereal, like my Pumpkin Spice Cheerios above. The key to cereal is to follow the serving guides. My kids eat cereal out of mixing bowls (lucky them with their fast metabolism) but we adults really need to pay attention to those things. I have a dry measuring cup in my kitchen that I use to portion cereal. On especially cold mornings, I will make high fibre raisins and spice Quaker Instant Oatmeal. One packet/single serving is 160 calories with 4 g of fibre. While these are pretty good, I do find myself getting a little bored. 

I recently spent time reading a few "breakfast" cookbooks and searching Pinterest. Most were multi step recipes and I don't know about you, but I have zero time to spend cooking in the kitchen on weekdays. I posted about this on my Instagram and asked for readers to send me their everyday go-to quick and relatively healthy breakfast options and boy, did they respond! So many great ideas to make the night before or morning of. No fussy recipes here, just real and simple options for your next busy morning. 

Check out a few of the suggestions below (and make sure to give these accounts a follow!) Guaranteed to keep your full and out of the fast food line in the mornings!

kendrabesterdesignI love my green smoothies with frozen fruit I find it super easy and gives me a good boost to get going in the morning 

justmurrayed123Oatmeal - I make my own packets. I usually add dried cherries and chocolate chips or dried apples, cinnamon and raisins. I'm boring like that!

theballparkguideI eat the same breakfast about 350 days a year! It's quick, healthy and works for me: Strawberries, kale, hemp seeds, chia seeds, collagen powder and cinnamon. I can make and blend it in less than two minutes and the sip it while I work. The only days I don't have this breakfast are when I'm traveling! 

goddless69Making the girl egg in a basket with strawberries on the side

vintageandprepCoffee. Used to have toast. I love toast! I was raised on toast. Toast is like pancakes, they're made for mornings. Unfortunately, my thighs don't like toast. So I have coffee

_theloloI make a batch of granola on Sunday and then have it with yogurt in the morning. I am trying to do more batch cooking on the weekends to get through the week.

jayywingOvernight oats :) oats, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a little bit of vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, peanut butter. Then leave it overnight. In the morning I cut up apple to put in it and eat it cold

pickles_and_kiwiMultigrain toast with almond butter, banana, and a sprinkle of chia seeds

prepfordwifeSmoothies. Always smoothies. I make a batch at the beginning of the week. Into fall I’m on a pear smoothie kick now.

the_baking_blondePumpkin muffins or I (guess other muffins if you want, lol). Make a batch on Sunday and they're good to grab and go of the week.

schmidtnbTofu scramble and a slice of whole wheat pecan raisin bread. Every Sunday we make a batch of tofu scramble and then can heat up a portion daily for breakfast.

whitecabanaA tea or a latte + toast (with my homemade bread!) with peanut butter + fruit.

bluebonnetsandbuoysWarm Homemade banana bread with butter and a cup of cold milk. Quick, easy, and filling! Might have to swap the banana for pumpkin this fall

thesylvanpathI have bran cereal (All Bran) with plain Greek yogurt and half a banana. It makes a wad that i wash down with tea. It's all a bit medicinal I'm afraid. I much prefer toast with peanut butter or oatmeal porridge but my gut needs the fibre and probiotic.

isidoratzeckasOvernight oats! So easy to make the night before and no work to do in the morning. There are tons of recipes but my favourite is oats, coconut/almond milk, flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut flakes, cocoa nibs or cocoa powder, honey, and frozen cherries. And it's easy to bring to work if I'm in a rush :)

andthenmondayI meal prep “McMuffins” on Sunday evenings. I do scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage on an English muffin. Then I switch it up with red chili flakes and sriracha or Dijon mustard or cheese and wrap them in foil. When I get up in the morning I pop it in the toaster oven while I get ready and grab it on my way out the door.

panda333I love having granola clusters, mini wheats or muesli Filling, nutritious and tasty! 

ginsinnotJust made a batch of breakfast meatballs for this week. Loaded with veg: sweet potato, mushrooms and onions. In ground pork with sausage. Love that I can grab and go.

I really hope these suggestions help you, and me, come up with some new and exciting breakfast options!

Thanks to everyone for submitting your fantastic ideas! xx

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  1. Great collection of ideas! I see a lot of people like oatmeal. I have to have more of it in my life...I tend to reach for it more in the winter than in the summer.