Searching For The Great Pumpkin


The countdown to Halloween is on and nowhere was it more felt then at our local pumpkin patches this past weekend. It's probably our last weekend with our vintage 1970 Mercury Montego so we made the most of it by visiting not one, but two pumpkin patches on Saturday! You might be wondering why two different pumpkin's because I am searching for The Great Pumpkin!



barbour tartan



Pumpkin Patch wearing Barbour

Pumpkin Patch wearing Barbour



barbour boots

fall style

Sweater (c/o) | Jeans
Make up: Foundation (c/o) | Lipstick (c/o) | Eyeliner | Mascara

I'm known as a bit of a master carver in my neighbourhood and since my boys are too old for trick or treating (brats, I'd still go trick of treating if I could get away with it!) carving pumpkins is my way of still getting in on the action. In past years, I have taken one or two pumpkins and carved a character into them. I've done Spongebob, Fairly OddParents (back when they were at their high of popularity) and a whole host of Disney characters. 

Last year I changed it up when I ended up with 18 pumpkins on my porch! That's right, 18 full sized pumpkins. My husband does a vegetable garden in our yard and he adds smashed pumpkins to the soil over winter to add nutrients to prepare the beds for spring planting. I felt pretty overwhelmed at the prospect of having to carve characters into so many pumpkins, as each carving I do can take a few hours, so I did what anyone would do when overwhelmed. Nothing. That's right I did nothing and left it right up to the last minute, Halloween eve. I kept saying I wasn't even going to bother carving but I really do enjoy it and I know the kids in my neighbourhood do, too.

So with a lot of newspaper on my dining room table I set out and cleaned and carved 18 pumpkins into stars. Lots and lots of stars. I bought large pillar candles from the dollar store and found my white Christmas lights and hung them on the porch. I have a video of them here and a picture on my Instagram. They were such a hit with everyone! The kids loved them and parents were asking of they could take photos with them! 

The success of last year means that I have to outdo myself this year! I am aiming to get 20 or more pumpkins and (hopefully) not decide to carve them all the night before. My arms arched after that! Hence, two different pumpkin patches. I am searching for the biggest pumpkins I can get my hands on! We filled our trunk and the weight of the pumpkins had the tail end of our car dragging! I have an idea of what theme I'd like to go with this year, I just need to figure out all the details. I'll be searching Pinterest for the next few days and my plan is to start carving this weekend since the forecast is calling for rain all weekend. 

Speaking of weather, it was eerily warm this weekend. I say that because it's the end of October and I was out in a 3/4 sleeve light sweater and a shawl and even that was too warm! I'm a Canadian kid, I remember wearing snowsuits under Halloween costumes. This weather doesn't make sense! We haven't even had a cold streak yet and I still have the A/C running in my house! Although...this is great weather if you like taking photos of your outfits outside without always wearing the same old jacket over top! 

I can't think of a better place to take photos right now than at a pumpkin patch and I know others feel this way as well! If I had turned the camera around you would have seen friends, couples and families all taking pictures of each other! It actually helped me feel less self-conscious about taking photos! 

I wore my light 3/4 sleeve sweater from Reitman's (c/o) because it is light and breezy and I knew I wouldn't overheat in it. Same goes for my stretchy ripped jeans, which are very comfortable but they slide down a lot so I think I need to invest in a belt or keep pulling them up every time I bend over. 

I bought my Barbour wellie boots and shawl while in Scotland. I have a few wellies in my collection and they are all bright colours, which I love, but I wanted to add in a more earthy colour which I found in the olive. I wear a women's size 9 in Canada/US sizes and while trying boots on discovered that they do not go higher than a size 8 in the Barbour boots. I actually bought the men's size 9 boots and they fit perfectly. They have a little more room than my usual wellies but I like having a looser fit and I also bought the wellie socks so they will be a little more snug in the coming months. 

I bought this shawl because I love the classic Barbour tartan and I just love shawls. I have one other and I use it so much during the cooler months of the year. I wear it over a sweater on days like this where it's not too cool, as a scarf on colder days, on the couch watching tv in the winter months and I even throw it over myself in the mornings when I let the dogs outside. I just know I will be getting a lot of use of it it, which means you will be seeing it quite a few times on this blog! 

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  1. We were just discussing the fact that we need to get to the pumpkin patch asap so that we still have time for carving before Halloween hits!
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