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Hello, and welcome to Celebrating This Life! I'm Rox-Anne, a wife and mom to two teenage boys and two Bernese Mountain Dogs. Our home is filled with love, busy schedules and lots of dog hair.

I started Celebrating this Life in 2014 as a way to document my family’s adventures, assuming only my mom would be reading. Two years later I’ve made some friends, (hello @whitecabana!) post daily thoughts, and started reviewing companies! I’m a naturally opinionated person and love sharing a new find with anyone who will listen, so I’m very happy to welcome sponsors on the blog. All sponsorship opportunities are clearly marked with a c/o (care of) and my opinions will always be my own. 

I think I have a unique style, one I hope you will enjoy! I love dressing in lots of colour (I'm a Lilly Pulitzer girl!) and I love classic, feminine designs. My home decor is an entirely different story. I will forewarn you, my style is less pink and girly and more masculine (modern traditional? Modern British country house? Do any of these make sense?) I do live in a home with three men so naturally I've had to find a way to combine my love of  blue and white china with baseball memorabilia. 

I hope you will stop here daily to read about travel, décor, fashion and new products and company introductions (shout out to all the Canadian companies out there!). I may even get real from time to time and share how I manage a house with teenagers, work full time, attend university part time and still keep up with all the extra-curriculars our whole family has (I have at least four calendars that I use on a daily basis and yes, two of them are paper based).

Welcome to Celebrating this Life, showing you how to live life to its fullest! 

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