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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Country Christmas at the Waterloo Region Museum

Last weekend we had some grand plans to have our whole family join us to experience Country Christmas at the Waterloo Region Museum and Doon Heritage Village but thanks to a round of snow storms and a few colds, the group was scaled back to me, AMH and my fellow adventurer in blogging, White Cabana! While I feel bad that our family was digging out or nursing a cold, I didn't feel bad for long as we had an incredible morning celebrating a variety of Christmas traditions!

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Kitchener-Waterloo Coffee Shops

Today I'd like to take you on a tour of my favourite local coffee shops. In the last few years there has been a gourmet coffee movement in Kitchener-Waterloo and coffee shops have been popping up in the downtown core and in the surrounding areas. These coffee shops have quickly become the place to grab your morning coffee, meet up with friends, or as a quiet moment on your own (or with your husband while leaving the kids at home!). If you are in the area, why not sit a spell and visit one of the following Kitchener-Waterloo coffee shops (and if you're not from around here, come visit! It's a beautiful place with a lots to see an do, Oktoberfest anyone?).

Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Farm Boy

One of my families favourite things to do while visiting a new city is check out the local grocery store. Farm Boy recently opened in Kitchener so I was pretty excited that I didn't have to travel far to visit a new one! AMH and I had our first visit on Christmas Eve and we have been back almost every weekend since (truthfully I'm obsessed with their $1.29 fresh squeezed lemonade!).

Sure, it is just a grocery store so how different can it be from others? Well, I find Farm Boy to have more local items from Canadian vendors, their meat selection is incredible, the produce is always fresh with a great organic section and a large selection of fresh take home dinner items. Interested in a look around? Sure you are. Let's go!

Farm Boy has such a cute "farm" theme to the entrance. I think it aligns with their idea of supporting local and eating holistically. 

My first stop in Farm Boy is always the organic section to pick up lemons, limes and avocado. The price is slightly more for organic so if your looking for a more economical option, the non-organic fruit is just as delicious (and I substitute quite often in the off-season).

I mean can you not love a place that has a HUGE display of candy!

The meat section is a favourite destination of AMH (guys love grilling meat!). I love how they display the meat, it always looks appetizing, and we have been satisfied with every purchase. 

The make your own pizza section is my boys' favourite spot. They get to choose their own style of crust, white, whole wheat or gluten free, they type of pizza sauce and toppings. As busy parents, we love how easy it is to pick up pre-chopped toppings. Homemade pizza always tastes better than store bought. 

The bakery! Butter tarts, special occasion cakes, warm croissants, breads, tarts and cookies are far as the eye can see.

The cheese section rivals any specialty retailer I have visited. We picked up a few new cheeses for Christmas and have made it a point to pick up something new every few weeks.

Hummingbird Chocolate is my favourite treat to pick up. They are little bars of artisanal chocolates from Ottawa. They have a high cacao count so they are low on calories (bonus!). I have never been a fan of dark chocolate but this brand converted me! I recommend the fleur de sel, as shown above, and the Mayan which has a little chili spice in it (trust me, it's delicious!).

Well thanks for coming along this little tour of our local Farm Boy. Do you have a Farm Boy in your area? Are you as in love as I am (I can tell you my mom loves the Farm Boy in her area too!)

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Brunch at Gilt

On a bitterly cold, yet clear day I met my friend and fellow blogger White Cabana for Sunday brunch at Gilt Restaurant in Downtown Kitchener. 

The lounge area is going to be the place to be this summer! I love the decor, the dark furniture,  the white bar and all the gold and glass accents. 

I need this lit from within bar set up. It would look great in my house!

A perfectly brewed latte that warmed the soul on such a cold day. 

White Cabana and I decided to go all out and split an order of their house made donuts and jam. Please order them for brunch, you will not regret it. 

I had the Lobster & Dill Eggs Benedict because I have never met and eggs & benny that I didn't like. It was delicious, colourful and extremely filling! 

I had a chance to look over the extensive drinks & dinner menu, any place that serves whiskey and bourbon is ok by me. I can't wait to come back and look forward to many visits with the whole Gilt team! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

TWH Social

TWH Social Bar & Bistro recently opened at the base of the Walper Terrace Hotel on the corner of King and Queen Street in Downtown Kitchener. 

Walking along King Street you will see the sign for TWH Social hanging from the building. Enter through the double glass doors and there is a stairway to your right. Head downstairs and soon you are greeted by the lighted TWH Social wall. It's almost a little adventure to find the place, like a speakeasy from the 20's where you need a password to get in. There is no password, but I do recommend making reservations. 
When you check in with the hostess she will take your coat and seat you. Last time we visited we sat in the more formal dining area, today we sat in the bar area. 

You forget very quickly that you are in a subterranean room as the restaurant is bright and open while still feeling intimate. The bar area is the perfect spot for a working lunch as each table has outlets to power your laptop or charge your phone. They have quite a few beers on tap and tv's run the length of the bar.

I ordered the "ok baby, make it quick" from the Fancy Drinks menu. It is raspberry vodka, orange juice, simple syrup, lemon juice and prosecco served in a champagne flute. The drink was perfectly balanced, sweet but not sugary. 

Fresh baked herb bread with butter and sea salt is brought to your table after cocktails have been ordered. I could live on a diet of their bread and butter, it is delicious! 

My hubby ordered the Grilled Chicken Supreme, marinated chicken, fire roasted fingerling potatoes and seasonal veggies. He said it was perfectly cooked and we both loved the presentation. 

I ordered the Wild Truffle Risotto, creamy risotto with rich field mushrooms finished with fresh shaved truffle. This dish was rich, creamy and flavourful. 

I found the menu to be well rounded with a few steak options, chicken, fish and pasta dishes, various sandwich options (including a quinoa burger) and a good salad offering. 

Thanks to the whole TWH Social staff for such a lovely visit, we will be seeing you again soon!

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Oscars at the Apollo Cinema

Last night we attended the viewing of the Oscars at the new Apollo Cinema, a fully licensed theatre in Downtown Kitchener. They aired the Red Carpet and the entire Oscars broadcast, we even received bingo cards to fill out! Matt, one of the owners, lead some trivia games and handed out prizes during the commercial breaks. For those following me on Instagram (@celebr8thislife) you know that I was absentmindedly playing on my phone and yelled out the answer to one of the trivia games. It was not my turn. Needless to say I did my best to remain quiet after that gaffe. 

It is always a treat to visit the Apollo. They serve one of my favourite local breweries, Block Three, and they carry sweets from two local candy companies, Hugo and Nate and Ambrosia. This is really great news for me since I do not like popcorn (shocking I know). 

 The theatre is located at 141 Ontario Street North and you can find two hour parking along the streets. They have current movies and even screen some classics. We saw The Big Lebowski there during opening week. I'd like to request a Sixteen Candles or Pretty in Pink movie night in the future!

I noticed a real absence of colour and glamour on the red carpet. That being said there were a few stand outs,

Reese Witherspoon - Basically she can do no wrong. This white Tom Ford dress was simple, elegant and a beautiful backdrop to all those Tiffany & Co. diamonds. 

Jennifer Lopez - When JLo came on screen the whole theatre applauded. Guys too! It is hands down the best dress of the night. I love the nude almost pink colour and she brought sparkle to the Oscars. 

Cate Blanchett - I love the combination of a simple black dress accented by a chunky turquoise necklace. I'm not a makeup expect but I think she would have suited pink hues better than the brown/reds she had on her eyes and lips.

Lupita Nyong'o - Last years best supporting actress wore the colour of the night, white. This dress had a little more going on than some of the other white frocks, the entire Calvin Klein number is covered in over 6,000 pearls! I know how heavy my pearl necklaces are, I can't imagine wearing a whole dress made of them! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Debrodnik's Donuts Pop Up

As soon as I heard out about the donut pop up in Kitchener that everyone has been lining up for I just knew I had to see it for myself. Last weekend I waited patiently with the rest of the fans to get to the front of the line at Debrodnik's Donuts. 

A big shout out to North Face and New Era for creating the warmest jacket and hat around. It has been -35 to -41 for over a week now and I do not know what I would do without either of them! 

Debrodnik's Donuts are hand made speciality donuts with flavours such as berry stuffie, my boys favourite Cookies and Cream, cinnamon roll and my favourite, Lemon. Each week they change the menu slightly and release the flavours over Twitter @debrodniksdonut 

We sampled each donut and I am here to tell you that they are the only donuts you will ever want to eat! They are light, sweet and the flavour combinations are delicious! 

Debrodnik's Donuts are available on Saturday's and Sunday's at 175 Borden Ave, South. Check their tweets as the times change slightly, this weekends hours are 12-2. 

Let me know in the comments if you visit them! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cheeses Murphy

Celebrating this Life

I picked a very interesting week to take holidays from work, it's been snowing and freezing cold! One of the advantages of taking this time off has been getting together with friends for lunch and earlier this week I met a friend at Cheeses Murphy in Downtown Kitchener.

Celebrating this Life

I had the Sticky Frenchman which is a brie and caramelized apple grilled cheese. It was superb and oh so satisfying on such a cold day. Did I mention it is -16c, -30c with the windchill?

Celebrating this Life

A listing of different grilled cheese combinations. I am determined to try them all!

Celebrating this Life

What a delightful mascot. Everyone loves a guy in a bow tie. 

Celebrating this Life

A close up of the flavour combinations. They all look so good, I think I will be trying the Legendary Sasquash next!

We visited the Duke Street location and they are open Monday-Friday 11am-2:30pm. They also have a pop up at the Princess Cafe in Uptown Waterloo on Friday and Saturday nights, Midnight -3:30 am. 
You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram @Cheeses_Murphy