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July Reading List

Reading list

Our July reading list is here and all I can say is, beach reads! When I started this reading list a few months ago my intention was to read five books for pleasure before I and many of you have to get back to the reality of school both for ourselves and our kids in the fall. I started May off with a few books I had piled up (and had been putting off) a historical biography, a business book, a sappy romance and a few beauty and wellness books.

June Reading List

summer books

I can't believe it's June already! This year is really blowing by and I hope it slows down a little so we can all enjoy #Summer17

May Reading List

Books to read

May is an especially exciting month for me because for the first time in five years, I am taking the summer off from my university studies! At first I was worried about how far this would set me back (to recap I take one course every semester with 3 semesters a year which gives me only 3 weeks rest between my final exam and the start of the next course) but what's one extra course when you still have five years until graduation? It's a long road, but I have the time.