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Fall Sunglasses

fall sunglasses

I've mentioned many times my commitment to re-wearing and re-using my clothing in all four seasons (well, except for shorts because I just can't rock them in the cold Canadian winters), but I do have a little exception to my own rule. I like switching out my sunglasses based on the season. And now I'd like to share with you my deepest, darkest secret...

How To Wear Blush This Fall

Everywhere you looked this spring it was blush this and blush that. Like many of you, I was drawn in by this dreamy hue and bought a few items in the unofficial colour of Spring17. Now that the temperature is dropping by the minute, what to do with all these blush beauties? Store them until next spring, give them away? No way! I say let's wear some blush this fall!

Statement Earrings to Finish Out Summer

Last week I felt like everywhere I went, statement earrings were the topic of conversation. They were being discussed in boutiques, I spotted many fashionable ladies wearing them and I even listened to a podcast about an entrepreneur who is known for, you guessed it, statement earrings! In honour of this, and my purchase of two new pairs last week, I have rounded up a few statements earrings to help you finish out the summer. We still have a few weeks left of outdoor get togethers, garden parties and weddings. Each of these earrings would elevate a dressy outfit or just add a little dazzle to an everyday look.

statement earrings

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I purchased the very budget friendly black and white stripe and baby pink ball earrings from Target. They entered into a collaboration with Baublebar and came up with Sugarfix, a more wallet friendly version of their main collection. What I love when I compare the Sugarfix earrings to Baublebar is they are much lighter in weight making them easier to wear all day long. I love Baublebar's earrings but I find them a little heavy and would only wear for a special occasion for a few hours. 

That podcast I was mentioning, it was NPR's How I Built This and the episode I started with was Kendra Scott. Such a great interview! Her journey is just so inspiring. Starting with just $500 and a dream, her jewellery company is rumoured to be worth a billion dollars. With a B! The teal, hot pink and sparkly blue earrings are all from her current collection. I am finding myself drawn to all white outfits right now and these earrings would jazz up any monochromatic outfit.

The ornate all gold earrings are something that I find myself gravitating to. I don't currently own any but these two are such a great price, I know it won't be long before I add them to my collection. As fall gets closer I can see wearing them with darker colours. I love gold and rose gold, I just love the warm kick they add to an outfit. 

And speaking of warm, how about those fiesta style earrings? Margarita Monday, Taco Tuesday, Corona Saturday...ok that one didn't work but you get what I'm saying. You are sure to be the centre of attention at your next shindig with these eye catching earrings! 

Fall. We all know that #Iwishitwasalwaysfall and while I'm trying to keep my mind on finishing out summer, I can't help but start thinking of fall items to add to my closet. These green and blue earrings are genius because they are colours that will still work for the next month or two and all the way through fall! Actually, they really will work in every season because green and blue are just such classic colours, but I especially love them this time of year. 

So, have I convinced you that you need to add a few statement earrings to your collection to finish out summer? 

Hats Off To Summer

summer hat

If I told you that I was a big hat person, you'd believe me right? It's true, I am never far from a hat and let me tell you why I think you should be, too! 

How I Rock A Bikini After Two Kids!

We are smack dab in the middle of summer which means you've either already spent a good amount of time at the pool and beach, or you've been leaving it to the later half of summer, like I am. The month of July was a crazy one and we just didn't have a chance to make it to our favourite local beach, Grand Bend.