This Won't Be Going Back In My Closet


From that title you must be thinking something went terribly wrong...well kind of. I'm talking about this white skirt from Micheal Kors that looked so darn cute on the hanger but is the most uncomfortable thing to wear! The tiny white beads are held together with metal prongs and when you sit they dig into your skin. Also, if the wind blows the metal prongs get stuck to each other (which hikes your skirt up 😳) and they grab onto other articles of clothing, namely my favourite blue and create pulls in the knit.

Spring Gardening

The first day back after a long weekend is usually a little rough for me, but not this time! Here in Canada we just celebrated the Victoria Day long weekend (better know as the May 2-4 weekend) and we all had yesterday off to spend time with our families, set off a few fireworks and work in our gardens. The May 2-4 weekend is know as the official opening to garden season as the threat of frost at night has finally passed.

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