I was pleasantly surprised to come home from work to a Barbour bag on my porch. 

They mentioned me on their in Instagram age, I'm famous!

Earlier in the summer Barbour held a contest on their Instagram page. The question Barbour asked was "How do you dress for quick change summer weather?". There were some great responses and Barbour actually choose mine! I responded by saying "It's all about layering. With so much rain and chill in the air this weekend I wore shorts with a plain T-shirt and a light sweater on top. For the really chilly moments a nice hot coffee was the ultimate accessory!"

Barbour made a photo of my submission and was kind enough to send me the photo above. I can't believe how similar the photo is to me, they must have looked at my profile photo and mirrored their image to that. 

The prize left at my door was a lovely handwritten thank you note and a T-shirt. They had quite a few entries over the summer  and created a T-shirt out of them. For what its worth, the T-shirt is 100% organic cotton and is a dream to wear. 

I am always impressed with companys who take managing their social media seriously. Barbour has an extremely engaged crew and should be very proud of themselves. I have been coveting a Barbour jacket since Kate Middleton was photographed in one. It's now top of my "to buy" list after their incredible campaign this summer.  

Elora Twilight Zoo

This weekend we headed to the picturesque town of Elora to see the famous Twilight Zoo. The creator, Tim Murton, creates monsters out of wire and paper and was featured on Martha Stewart's Halloween special in 2011.

The sculptures are out front of local shops and in the towns green space, so we went on a nice walking tour of the town. 

Happy little Jack-o-Lantern!

Unicorn and mushrooms in the town square

 Close up of the unicorn.

Spider hanging on the local movie theatre.

A witch with her cat on a broom.

Another giant spider, it looked more like something from the movie Aliens!

Spooky guy hanging at Shephard's Pub

Close up of the Shepard's Pub monster

A not too spooky sunflower...

...a wizard...

...a ghostly dinner party...

...and a giant crow! This is the porch of a local business, the bird has to be 6 feet tall! 

Elora is a beautiful, historic small town that has a great artistic community. It is only an hour and a half from Toronto but feels worlds away. I can't wait to head back during business hours, the shops and restaurants looked amazing! 

Waterford Pumpkinfest

This past weekend my family and I loaded up our 1966 Mercury and took the country back roads to a small town called Waterford, Ontario for the 32nd annual Waterford Pumpkinfest. 
There is a giant jack-o-lantern pyramid in the centre of town. The local school children carve them and brought them here to kick off Pumpkinfest on Thursday. 

The town has an abundance of beautiful old homes all decorated for Halloween.

There was also a zombie walk, a carnival, 

food trucks everywhere, the annual Pumpkin Bowl high school football game, 

and a very large antiques shop that had this most beautiful sign 

Now all I need is a tavern or a barn! 

The Waterford Pumpkinfest has a wide range of family friendly activities from Thursday through Sunday, including a parade and a soap box derby. Our plan next year is to find a local pumpkin patch to visit while we are there. 

There are quite a few pictures on Facebook and Instagram, check them out using the hashtag #waterfordpumpkinfest