I was pleasantly surprised to come home from work to a Barbour bag on my porch. 

They mentioned me on their in Instagram age, I'm famous!

Earlier in the summer Barbour held a contest on their Instagram page. The question Barbour asked was "How do you dress for quick change summer weather?". There were some great responses and Barbour actually choose mine! I responded by saying "It's all about layering. With so much rain and chill in the air this weekend I wore shorts with a plain T-shirt and a light sweater on top. For the really chilly moments a nice hot coffee was the ultimate accessory!"

Barbour made a photo of my submission and was kind enough to send me the photo above. I can't believe how similar the photo is to me, they must have looked at my profile photo and mirrored their image to that. 

The prize left at my door was a lovely handwritten thank you note and a T-shirt. They had quite a few entries over the summer  and created a T-shirt out of them. For what its worth, the T-shirt is 100% organic cotton and is a dream to wear. 

I am always impressed with companys who take managing their social media seriously. Barbour has an extremely engaged crew and should be very proud of themselves. I have been coveting a Barbour jacket since Kate Middleton was photographed in one. It's now top of my "to buy" list after their incredible campaign this summer.  

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