Montreal, Quebec is a 5 hour drive or a one hour flight from Toronto but it is worlds away. The architecture, the food, the people and the language are all different in Montreal! It is one of my favorite cities in the world for all these reasons. And don't worry if your french skills are lacking, most Montrealers speak english.

Old Montreal - Architecture
My boys and I shopping in Old Montreal. From custom made furniture stores to traditional tea shops to clothing and accessories, there are so many shops to visit!

A great example of the old world style of architecture you find in Old Montreal.

And sometimes while looking at all the beautiful architecture you run into someone blowing bubbles :)

Montreal - Food
iBurger was a recommendation from a friend in the city. Unfortunately it appears they have closed. It was a great concept using the giant iPad that is your table to order your meal. 

Les Glaceurs is a cupcake shop in Old Montreal and a must see on any cupcake lovers list! 
If you are out in West Island/Pointe Claire stop at Le Dejeuner Cosmopolitain for breakfast or brunch. Great eggs benny! As The Keg in Pointe Claire is one of the better Keg's I have been to. The service is nothing short of spectacular. 

Montreal - Hotels
Well it wouldn't be a travel post if I did comment on a hotel! 
Here I am (with my new Tory Burch Robinson Mini chain strap bag which I love and adore!) outside of the Ritz Carlton Montreal,  which is where Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton!  
No we didn't stay here this time, but it's only my list when we are back in the city. 

We have stayed in two different hotels in the area which I highly recommend:
Le Centre Sheraton Montreal is a great downtown hotel. It is centrally located with shopping near by and in nice weather you can walk to Old Montreal. At Sheraton you know you will find excellent service and the most comfortable beds.
Holiday Inn located in Pointe Claire is a great hotel just outside of Montreal. The facility is sparkling, appears to have been recently updated. The pool, which was the big draw for the boys, was a nice way to end off a very cold vacation. The work out room is loaded with every piece of equipment you could ask for. The Fairview Pointe Claire mall, which was the draw for me, is right across the street! 

I have been to Montreal many times and each time I still find another reason to love this city. I'd love to visit again in the Summer when everything is in full bloom, the parks are beyond beautiful in Montreal! 

Montreal Expos 2014

When the Montreal Expos left for Washington D.C. in 2005, they left a large hole in the baseball community in Canada. When the Toronto Blue Jays announced they would be playing two pre-season games in Montreal, the first team to play Olympic Park almost ten years, we jumped at the chance to visit the city and help welcome baseball back to Montreal!

Little baseball tip - Get to the park as soon as they open. I can't tell you the amount of players and coaches we have met or watched warm up. My boys have an ever growing collection of player autographs. It really is as simple as walking down and having something ready to sign!

The quiet before the storm. At lot was riding on the attendance to the games, Montreal is trying to show the MLB community they are ready for a team. It was just announced the Blue Jays will be returning this Spring for another round of pre-season games

I find the funniest photos on my camera after these two have played with it. So many selfies, wonder where they get that from...

Oh right. Me and my beer selfies. 

The architecture is amazing in Olympic Park. It's nickname is The Big O as it looks like a large O outside. This is on the top level walking towards the stairs. Little excerpt from Wikipedia that I found rather interesting, 
"The building's design is cited as a masterpiece of Organic Modern architecture.Taillibert based the building on plant and animal forms, aiming to include vertebral structures with sinewy or tentacles, while still following the basic plans of Modern architecture."

There were many exhibits in the main concourse including these game worn jerseys.

Lesters is a must for smoked meat sandwiches!

50,000 screaming fans later (The Jays played two games for a total attendance of 96,350). The best moment of the game was when they brought out the 1994 Montreal Expos! For the Expos fans this was their moment to celebrate the World Series that never was. 

A lovely sign outside a sports bar in Old Montreal. Loosely translates to Fans of the Expos here, Blue Jays as well.  

It was a great experience to see a game played at Olympic Stadium, I sincerely hope this means a team is not too far off. 

Block Three Brewing Co.

Block Three Brewing Co. is a small craft brewery located in the Village of St. Jacobs. 

After sampling some of their beer at a new restaurant, Abe Erb, we decided to pay them a visit. Tours and tastings are complimentary. Call ahead for groups of 10 or more.  

After selecting our favorite (I like King Street Saison and my husband likes Iron Horse) we sat at one of their long wood tables to have a glass. We played checkers while the owners played music on the record player. 

We ended our night by learning how they bottle their beer. Turns out its a pretty hands on process! 

If you are in the St.Jacobs area make sure to stop by! 

K-W Oktoberfest Rogers Women of the Year Gala

About a year ago I started working with a personal trainer. I found Crystal through her company website Your Health-Your Choice and we've been working out ever since. Crystal is a great source of inspiration not just to me, but all of her clients. I know she feels the same way about us, which is why I decided to nominate Crystal for the K-W Oktoberfest Rogers Women of the Year in the category of Health & Wellness. 

The awards ceremony was taped and televised at a later date. It was amazing to see Crystal on the big screen and on my TV! 

So many little goodies left on the table. 

Crystal and I had a great night celebrating her many accomplishments.
She continues to receive letters and certificates of congratulations from many local politicians. It's great to see so much support for women in our region!

Hudson's Bay's Christmas Windows

I was in Toronto on business yesterday and decided to stop by the Hudson's Bay Christmas windows over lunch.

Santa's elves are loading his sleigh, wearing Hudson's Bay jackets no less! 

Santa's toyshop is busy putting the final touches on the Christmas presents.

A Victorian street scene complete with carollers! 

The family is settling down for the night, awaiting the arrival of Old St. Nick!

This window is too cute! The floor is cut away to show the little mice family snuggled in too! Reminds of the Rankin Bass Christmas movie, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas 

Santa is finally home after a long night of delivering packages.

If you are in the Toronto area I highly recommend you stop at Hudson's Bay on Queen Street (across from the Eaton Centre). The characters move and play music, its a great display for the young and young at heart! 

The Art of Home

The Art of Home is a home decor and gift shop located in Cambridge, Ontario.

I started following the shop on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and was very excited when they announced they would be switching over to Christmas on November 1st. 

A lovely display of assorted stockings

...and a colourful Christmas tree!

They carry a great assortment of vintage toys, I was able to pick up my first Christmas gift here!

Every child needs a special Christmas book. My favourite growing up was Polar Express and my husband's was The Hockey Sweater, which is on the shelf here! The size ruler is a great Christmas gift idea for a new mom. 

Christmas trees for the kiddies

They know the way to my heart, monogramming!

One can never have too many pillows

I had a great time meeting the sisters who own the shop, they are beautiful and clearly talented. The shop is gorgeous and has a wide assortment of items to choose from. No matter what your decor style is, you can find something here to suit your taste! 

LA Dodgers

Me and the husband
The LA Dodgers are a family favorite. 

We decided to take a tour of Dodger Stadium before the game and were able to see some amazing things! 

Dodger baseball cart

Matt Kemp's Gold Glove from 2011

 Home plate from Ebbets Field, when the LA Dodgers were the Brooklyn Dodgers

World Series Trophy

View from the top level

Clayton Kershaw warming up 

 The tour ended and it was time for the game! Matt Kemp and manager Don Mattingly watching their team play.

Yasel Puig up to bat

No baseball game is complete without a trip to the concessions. Each park has their own item and the Dodgers have Dodger Dogs

Frito chili Dodger Dog and Corona make for a great day at the park! #beerselfie