Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre

Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre is a museum that celebrates the rich agricultural heritage of Norfolk County. This November they held their famous Christmas Dinner, a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Luckily one of the event organizers saw me with my camera out and offered to take a family photo! 

This Christmas village was a big draw for the kids, they loved the different houses and the train whizzing by!

The Playford Players serenaded everyone during dinner.

Dinner was a buffet with all the helpings you could eat. They just kept piling the food on! I loved the cute Spode napkins and the kids loved the York patties at their place setting.

The main lobby of the museum is set up to look like an old main street. Each little shop has something to see inside. 

I love the classic decorations on this Christmas tree. I may have pinned quite a few similar to them on my new Pinterest board, My future country house

I recently decided that I would like a real live reindeer one day and while looking at the gift shop I found this lovely tea towel! It's a sign for sure :)

The Nutcracker at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts

Last Friday we were able to see the final dress rehearsal of The Nutcracker before it opened to the public on Saturday. We had the most amazing seats and the whole family agrees that the only way to see the ballet is from box seats. The view is just spectacular!

During intermission the little sheep came out to meet their fans, they were just wonderful on stage. 

Another Christmas, another Brooks Brothers bow tie. 

Mom and dad enjoying the quite intermission.

This is the "I'm a teenager, please stop taking photos of me" face.

The show was nothing short of perfection and the loud applause from the crowd let the dancers know they were ready for opening night!

The dancing was perfect and the scenery and costumes were breathtaking. My favorite part is the Waltz of the Snowflakes, I read on their website they release 10 pounds of paper "snow flakes" each night. 

Each guest was given a commemorative poster with the performances date on it. I plan on framing the poster and hanging it up during each Christmas season. 

The Nutcracker has performances scheduled for the next three weeks with some dates still available. It's a great holiday tradition for the young and young at heart!

Langdon Hall

Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa is my favorite place to be at Christmas time. The beautiful Federal Revival style house was built in 1902 by the great grandson of John Jacob Astor as a Summer residence. It was opened in 1989 by the current owners as a country hotel, restaurant and spa and their Bernese mountain dog, Walter, is usually wandering around somewhere. 

Last Christmas we dressed the boys in their holiday best and had dinner in the award winning Five Diamond Dining Room. Langdon Hall does have a child friendly menu if the young ones require it. 

The grand fireplace in the lobby is the perfect spot for a family photo. 
Everything about Langdon Hall is exquisite. The menu, the decorations, the live piano player and the most hospitable people you will ever meet. The staff loved telling the boys tales of Walter. 

The young one was very happy when the sommelier complimented him on his bow tie! He's working on his best model pose!

Langdon Hall is located in Cambridge, Ontario (Galt) 45 minutes from Toronto. It is the perfect weekend or weeknight getaway and the dining is perfection. I highly recommend spending the day, or two, here. It's on my Christmas wish list to visit again!

Hugo & Nate Confections

Hugo & Nate Confections is a Kitchener based candy company that makes the most amazing hand crafted caramels. 

I bought a jar of their fleur de sel a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. The caramels are so rich and creamy. They are the perfect after dinner sweet, which is why they make the perfect thank you/hostess gift this Christmas season! 

Noel is a seasonal offering infused with cinnamon, clove, fresh vanilla, nutmeg, dark rum and cognac! They really are as good as they sound. I added a simple bow of bakers twine and I am all set for the holiday season.  

You can find the candies throughout Toronto at select Whole Foods Markets and The Drake General Store or at Vincenzo's in Waterloo (click the link above for a full list of stores)

Grand River Beer Club - Christmas Winter Warmers

Grand River Brewing is a local craft operation which holds monthly beer clubs. Each one has a different theme and December is the month of Winter Warmers. 

The building is a former factory and has an old world charm to it. The perfect spot to hold monthly craft beer tastings!

We sampled a few different craft beers, all with different alcohol levels. Some made it up to 10%! 

We were lead through the tasting of each beer while a local cheese vendor served a selected pairing. 

After the tasting roughly 9 different beers, and selecting our favorites, we went on a tour of the brewery and learned all about the process to making beer. 

(instagram shot @roxhenderson)

My favorite beer of the night was Grand River's own Baked Apple. It is light at 3.5% but the perfect Fall/Winter beer. Right now it is just on tap, hopefully soon this will make it into bottles! 

Christmas Party Playlist

A Christmas Party Playlist with a mix of traditional and modern songs for your Christmas party. 
I recently finished a class in photoshop and wanted to test out my skills and put my knowledge of great Christmas music to good use. 
Hope you enjoy! 


Reba performed at Caesars Windsor this year and I was lucky enough to grab tickets the minute they went on sale. I have loved Reba since I was a very young girl and still remember the first time seeing her music video's in the 80's. 

Caroline Kole is the wildly talented 16 year old singer/songwriter who opened for Reba. She played a few songs and as soon as I heard If he'd ever look up, I knew it wouldn't be long until it hit the radio (The Highway on Sirius plays it often)

The lady of the hour, Reba! I was so excited when we scored 9th row seats. Reba is a true beauty and an amazing entertainer. She had the crowd out of their seats dancing and singing along and told great stories about each song. 

Reba played all the hits and I was especially happy when she played two of my favorites, Is there life out there (she's singing that above) and she brought down the house with her encore, Fancy

155th Queen's Plate

The Queen's Plate is the first race in Canada's Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. Think Kentucky Derby with a Canadian twist. The day is filled with red carpets (as seen above), food trucks, drinks, music, the hats and I think there is a little horse racing in there too!

Reviewing the days races

Place your bets!

Lexie Lou was the winner of the 155th Queen's Plate

Before the races started we headed to the Hats & Horseshoes party!

Grey Goose was on hand to create a special drink just for the occasion! 

Mercedes-Benz was also there showing off one of their new convertibles! I know what my next car is going to be, and I am keeping the giant pink bow!

Alex Colville at The AGO

To Prince Edward Island
Alex Colville is a prominent Canadian artist and one of my personal favorites. The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is currently showing more than 100 works, the exhibit is currently running until January 4, 2015. Many of Colville's paintings inspired poignant scenes in movies. This one inspired a scene in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom

Soldier and girl at station

The Pacific
Here I am posing with my favorite Colville painting. The Pacific inspired a scene in Michael Mann's Heat

Target pistol and man
Inspired a scene in No Country for Old Men

Horse and train

Ocean Limited & Professor of Romance Languages. 
This corner illustrates why I like Colville so much. One side is dark, broody and full of tension and the other side is light, happy and cheerful. Which to me represents the emotions that each of us experiences at any given time and our ability to navigate from one to the next in the blink of an eye.

After the Colville exhibit, we toured some of the main areas of the AGO

Lawren Harris, Group of Seven

Tom Thompson

The Wisdom of the Universe by local artist Christi Belcourt. 
It is painted following the pointillism technique and is HUGE! 

Elvis by Andy Warhol

Breathtaking room in the AGO. So overwhelming to see so many paintings in one room

The AGO is a wonderful collection. From paintings to sculptures to historic clothing and even the architecture! It was a great way to spend a weekend with my BFF.