Cleveland Indians, Progressive Field

celebrating this life

Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians, was the destination for our weekend getaway.

celebrating this life

A very big thank you to the Indians, not only for their ingenious charging stations throughout the park, but for offering free wifi! For us Canadians it meant real time posting to IG, Twitter and Facebook and participating in the scoreboard hashtags. 

I'd like to see the coins inside this giant piggy bank!

PBR stand!

The view from our seats. We arrived early enough that we had time to tour the stadium.

celebrating this life

This is how my kids see me nowadays. Since I bought my new Nikon camera I have been pretty much glued to it! 

I love the little details at parks. Like the aisle numbers on seats...

...and baseball facts displayed throughout the park. When I see things like this I am reminded of that line in Moneyball "It's hard not to be romantic about baseball." Oh how I love that line!

Since we arrived nice and early we did some touring. This is the view looking out from the upper decks. 

Here we are looking down on the field. 

celebrating this life

We always meet the loveliest people at ball parks. We told the usher we just wanted to look down at the field and he offered to take our photo for us! 

celebrating this life

O.M.G. This was the biggest nacho hat I have ever had! It was sooooo delicious!

After all those nachos, beer was extremely necessary! This was the first time I had seen a MLB team carrying craft beers! Great Lakes Brewery along with Sam Adams makes for a great day at the ball game!

celebrating this life

As a huge Red Sox fan I was so freaking happy to see the one, the only, Terry Francona! My hubby read his book and recommends it to everyone! 

After 12 innings the Indians won! You better believe there was a lot of cheering and high fiving going on. 

celebrating this life

Walking with my guys back to The Ritz Carlton, Cleveland. What an amazing day at the ball game!