Miami Marlins Tour

When a baseball teams season is complete, the parks still remain open for tours and special events. While visiting Fort Lauderdale we decided to rent a car for the day and travel to the Marlins Park in Miami for a tour!

Our tour started at the Media Entrance. Since we entered here we may have seen a few things that normally would not be on the tour including the work area of the social media team! 

The Florida Marlins officially changed their name to Miami Marlins in 2011 which resulted in a logo and uniform change. The previous logo was of a marlin and the team colours were teal and black. This new logo is modern and the colours are now vibrant, it is Miami after all! 

Everyone likes to celebrate home runs and the Miami Marlins celebrate with a giant water feature in the outfield. After a home run the flamingos dance and the marlins swim in and out of the water below. 

It's always fun to see the dugout. 

The Miami Marlins have a bobblehead museum in one of the concourse areas. It has current and past players from all teams, including team mascots. We saw more than one mascot dressed in Star Wars clothing! The whole structure moves ever so slightly so the bobbleheads never stop moving.  

Another fun area of the tour was the Diamond Club. This is where players and celebrities hang out before and during games.

A nice picture of Jackie hangs on the wall in the Diamond Club.

The Miami Marlins owner, Jeffrey Loria, is also an art dealer. When walking around the stadium you notice large art pieces or team items, including this vintage uniform, hanging on the walls.  

And you can't leave the ball park without a few souvenirs. We bought a hat for the husband and a Vineyard Vines tote for me!