{Profiles} Hilary MacMillan

Today I am headed to World Mastercard Fashion Week (#WMCFW on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram) to see Toronto based womens clothing designer, Hilary MacMillan. This is my very first visit to Fashion Week and I knew after looking at the line up of talented designers that Hilary was the designer for me. Her Spring/Summer 15 line that showed during October's Fashion Week is exactly all the things I look for in a clothing line. There was lots of colour, ladylike silhouettes and lastly they are pieces that can be dressed up and dressed down. My personal favourite pieces from her Spring line, available this April on Hilarymacmillan.com, is the white silk peasant dress and the lobster bow shirt. 

Hilary was kind enough to response to my {Profiles} questions and I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did!

Tell me what you do for a living? 

Womenswear Designer

How did you end up becoming a fashion designer? 

This is a complicated question. After I got my degree from UBC in political science & economics, I decided to go to design school. I was always interested in fashion and on a whim one day applied to Blanche Macdonald and got in. It was a big rush. The school helped me hone my skills and introduced me to the world of fashion in a technical way. After graduating I moved back to Toronto to help my sister open a jewellery and accessory store on Queen St West. We ran it together for a couple of years right in the heart of the design district of Toronto, which is in my opinion, the most artistic area of Toronto. I was really inspired by everything around me and one day I just decided to pursue my own line and I have never looked back.

What’s a typical day look like? 

I spend most of my days in my studio, and a typical day depends on what part of the season I’m currently designing – it could be pattern drafting, sample making, getting production ready, etc.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get in the field? 

Build a good team. Find people who support you and compliment your work.
What is your favourite part of your job? Seeing the final product, and when people fall in love with a particular piece and must own it. 

What is your favourite quote/motto to live by?

What is your favourite book 

Cutting for Stone 

Photo from Chapters Indigo

      How would you describe your style (personal and interior design)

      Personal: I commend those who have a distinct personal style but to be frank my personal style changes with my mood, sometimes I feel rock n’ roll and pair my skinny jeans with a leather jacket and dark eyeliner, and sometimes I feel more feminine and wear 50’s style dresses with a tailored blazer. My personal style is like my interior design style: eclectic. Like my personal style, my interior design can only be described as eclectic. I fall in love with different pieces and mix them all together in my own individual way – I am a big sucker for anything with a quote on it, photographs of the female silhouette, and white ceramic statues, anything from a large cow to a big white anchor.

     Who is your style icon? 

      Changes on a whim but currently I’m in love with Cara Delevingne’s free spirit. 

W Magazine

      What is your ideal Saturday night? 

       I love going to the pub with friends.

      What is your favourite perfume? 
       Anything from Escada 

Photo from Sephora

       Favourite drink? 
       I love mulled wine and hot totties, perfect on a chilly day in the winter.

Jamie Oliver mulled wine

       What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self? 

       Don’t expect everything to just fall into your lap. It takes a lot of hard work and determination.

     What is one thing you are looking to accomplish in 2015? 

      Expand my stockiest list within Canada.

      Favourite song right now? 
      Take me to Church by Hozier


      What is the last thing you bought for yourself? 

       A new tattoo

I want to sincerely thank Hilary for taking time out of her busy day to give us some insight into her world. I am sending her many wishes for a great show tonight and I can't wait to cheer her on!