Rochester Red Wings

The Rochester Red Wings are the Triple A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. Rochester is a 3 hour drive from Toronto making it the perfect place for a weekend getaway. 

I was truly amazed at the site of Frontier Field. It has all the modern amenities while maintaining the feel of an old ball park. There is a train track just behind the outfield wall and the children in the stands were pretty delighted to see the train choo-choo along. 

Frontier Field is an open air ball park and to maintain the feeling of space they utilized the area under the stands to house their concessions. They have quite a few options, including a stand for children with food sensitivities, and a large gift shop. 

Red Osier serves the best tasting Beef on Weck I have ever had! The bun was not too salty, the meat was tender and the sauce was very tasty. You always know something is good when there is a large line!

A horse made of baseball gloves, just because.  

Interesting piece of information, the stadium is on the site of The Alling & Cory Company. From their Wikipedia page it appears they were the first paper company in the US and they even employed two US Presidents, although the page does not list who. 

I think my favourite part about the park is the picnic area. Just outside the concessions there is a large space with picnic tables, we passed many people chatting and playing cards, and there is a peanut free lawn where you can sit and still have a view of the game. Again, a great place to bring your kids who have food sensitivities. 

Beer and Baseball go hand in hand and the Red Wings impressed me with their large offering of craft beers. 

I was so impressed I had two!

The only ones who can be happy about seeing this sign on the way to your seats are the kids with the gloves. 

It's always a good idea to coordinate seeing a game on a special promotion night. We visited on Batman night and we saw Robin, Burt Ward, ride around in the Batmobile! 

The Zooperstars are a hilarious group of mascots. On the screen is Makerel Jordan who had the entire park in stitches. He was teasing a player while he was warming up and eventually got into a physical confrontation with him and ate him! He eventually spits out his clothes and then the player! There is a whole team of mascots who each have their own shtick.  

I love fireworks!

The last firework, the Batman symbol. 

Last shot of the night. There is nothing more enjoyable then spending a warm summer day at a ballpark. Opening Day is only a few weeks away now!