Star Wars Night @ Buffalo Bisons 2014

Last summer was the first Star Wars Night at the Buffalo Bisons that we attended. The event started in 2008 and sells out each year. In 2015 they are projecting to reach 100,000 fans!

After we had our ticket taken and received our light sabre, we were lead up to the field...

So my hubby could throw out the first pitch! It was very exciting to stand on the field and watch him. He was part of an auction to donate to charity and won this amazing opportunity. 

Everything changes over to Star Wars including the players! 

Costumes are welcomed...(random stranger)

Lots of Boba Fett fans in the park! (my crazy kid)

A Buffalo Bisons tradition is the Wing, Cheese, Celery Race or the WCC for short. The mascots have a race around the park and poor old celery never wins. He is a fan favourite, seriously he has never won, and on this night the fans were on their feet! Celery was finally going to win! 

Until Darth Vader used his mind powers to knock him out. Poor, poor Celery. It's the funniest thing watching everyone so invested in the mascot race. Fans even have Celery hats

A view of the light sabres all light up

In between innings, the screen plays past Star Wars episodes and then all the characters come out for the big battle. There is a whole story line that started in 2008 and each year they move the story a little further along. 

After the final epic battle there is a spectacular fireworks display.

Star Wars Night is a must do for the Star Wars fan. It's a fun night out and the Buffalo Bisons go above and beyond to make it an enjoyable night for all age groups. 

We already have our tickets for this year!