Weekend Look - Purple Hunter Boots

(Boots - Hunter Boots, Jeans - Gap, Sweater - Old Navy, Bag - Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Gloves - Target, Vest - Jacob)

We are finally seeing above zero temperatures and it felt nice to leave the heavy jacket at home. I wear my purple Hunter Boots from Fall to Spring and everywhere I go people ask me about my Hunters. The most common question I get asked is, "are they warm enough?" When the temperature is below zero I wear a pair of fleece liners and they keep me very warm.

They are very comfortable and the best part, besides being super cute, is the great tread on the bottom. This is very important when you are walking in a parking lot that is doubling as a skating rink! I bought my Hunters at Heel Boy in Uptown Waterloo last Spring and they still look great! I wipe them down when they get salt or mud stains but I have never treated them or washed them with anything more than just plain water. 

There are so many colours of Hunters to choose from. Next on my list is Navy, Olive Green, Red and Pink but my Purple ones will always be my favourites.