Batboy Experience Buffalo Bisons

Last week my youngest had the time of his life serving as the Buffalo Bisons Bat Boy. Periodically, the Bisons run an online auction for a Batboy/Batgirl experience which allows the winner the opportunity to wear a uniform and hang out with the players in the dugout for the first four innings. You also receive five tickets for the game and 5 vouchers for hotdogs and coca-cola drinks. 

We dropped the youngest off with the staff and the next time we saw him he was on the field for the American and Canadian national anthem with the team's batboy, some players and the coach!

The starting line up included some big names that our family is already familiar with such as Daniel Norris, the player from Tennessee who lives in his van and has an incredibly interesting Instagram page, and Dalton Pompey, the homegrown boy from Mississauga!

Norris takes the mound. 

The youngest sitting in the dugout watching the Bisons on the field. 

Getting supplies ready to take on the field...

...and his big moment! On the field delivering more baseballs to the home plate umpire. 

#37 Dalton Pompey

The youngest picking up Dalton Pompey's bat. 

The whole family was so jealous of the boy at this moment. Hanging out with the players and he has the best seat in the house!

The coach let him know he can take as much water, Gatorade, sunflower seeds and bubble gum as he wants. It was one of those hot and humid summer days and we all laughed watching him get up every two minutes to grab more Gatorade! He also made sure to fill his pockets with gum!

No Bisons game is complete until you see The W.C.C. or better know as the Wing, Cheese, Celery Mascot race. Chicken Wing was in the lead until Chip came along and close-lined him! Poor, poor Celery. He's gets the most cheers but never wins. 

After the 5th inning we picked the youngest up and brought him back to our seats where we watched the rest of the game. He talked nonstop about his experience and says his dream is to work as a Batboy full time with the Bisons. Follow on Facebook to be notified of the next Batboy Experience with the Buffalo Bisons. This is a great experience for the littlest baseball fan in your family and will be a day they wont soon forget!