Cleveland Indians Kids Clubhouse

Yesterday I shared some photos from the Family Social Suite, today I want to show you another recent addition to Progressive Field, the Kids Clubhouse! 

This two story, indoor/outdoor interactive area has something for every age group. The outdoor areas are great for those kids that really love the game (best suited for older children) and the indoor area is great for little ones.

K Zone Pitching Interactive makes you the pitcher in this interactive video game. You have a few chances to strike out the player, it focuses on speed and aim. 

Tribe Tracker Running Activity let's you practice stealing home!

The Batting Cage is by far the most popular attraction in the outdoor area. There is an assortment of batting helmets and bats to choose from. The youngest had a great time in the batting cage.

Little League Park presented by Keybank is a scaled down version of a ball diamond. There were lots of staff on hand so even if only one child entered to play they had a team ready to go!

A bench! There are quite a few areas for mom and dad to relax while the kiddos run around and burn off some energy before, or even during, the game. 

Inside the Kids Clubhouse there are two floors of interactive experiences, games, toys, food and even this giant two story bat slide! 

The youngest tried his hand at Hot Corner, which is a baseball version of whac-a-mole. 

For the littlest baseball fans there are plenty of toys, slides, see-saws and little kitchens to play with. 

View from the upper level of the Kids Clubhouse deck. The area is protected, you can see the netting at the front, so no need to worry about stray balls ending up near you. You get a great view of the game, that way mom and dad don't have to miss out on the action while the little ones play!