Langdon Hall Garden Tour

Langdon Hall is a such a peaceful getaway but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to do! The hotel offers many activities for their guests, I suggest signing up for the Langdon Hall garden tour at 10:30am. 

After breakfast we met other guests and Mario, the enthusiastic and passionate head gardener at Langdon Hall, in the lobby where he gave Jordana of White Cabana some great tips on how to grow her white orchids. Hint! Don't do the ice cube trick, it stresses the plant! Mario took the group on a tour of the grounds and spoke to us about the different gardens and the plantings in each one. 

The rear of the main building. On the right hand side you can see the oldest tree on the property, the camperdown elm. 

The elm is 150 years old and has spread out so much it created a natural canopy. I noticed little white lights woven into the branches, I'm sure it looks spectacular at night!

A nice quite place to sit a spell and listen to the sound of the water feature. 

How adorable! We happened upon an outdoor wedding ceremony awaiting the arrival of guests and the bride and groom! 

I asked Mario about this climbing hydrangea vine. I have been looking to plant something at the front of my house to train over my garage but wanted something that grew at a slower pace and had white flowers. He asked a few details about soil and sun and said this vine will work perfectly for my garden.

Next we visited the croquet lawn. I have visions of men in linen and ladies in white dresses with gloves, sipping on sweet tea and playing croquet. Next time I visit I am getting a group together to play!

Fruits and vegetables that are grown in the garden are served in the restaurants at Langdon Hall. Growing in the foreground is garlic, I had no idea that this is what garlic looked like!

I loved the field of daisies and was surprised to learn of all the different ways they use them such as pickling the unopened blooms to add to charcuterie plates. Mario showed us how to look at all the plants a little differently. Every part of the plant is used, like using the flowers of the parsley plant because they impart a slightly different flavour. Chef Bangerter comes to the garden often to select items, you can see some of his amazing creations on his instagram page @langdonhallchef.

Our last stop was the greenhouse where Mario and his team germinate the seeds before planting in the vegetable gardens. On this long gardening table we were able to see all the herbs sprouting. 

The greenhouse also had an assortment of warm loving plants and ones that have not yet made their way into the garden like this beautiful passion flower. 

Many thanks to Kate for hosting and to Mario for the informative tour!