Visiting Langdon Hall

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite places in Waterloo Region, Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa (previous visit here). My dear friend Jordana of White Cabana and I spent the day touring the building, enjoying the grounds and having breakfast.

Langdon Hall raises both the Canadian and American flags. The American flag pays tribute to the nationality of the original owner, Eugene Langdon Wilks, the great grandson of John Jacob Astor. 

The property that Langdon Hall sits on was purchased in 1858 by Matthew Wilks, Eugene's father. After Eugene completed his studies abroad he returned to the property with the intent on building a summer residence. 

The home was designed in the Federal Revival style, which I should point out is one of my favorite styles of architecture. The original home was 32 rooms totalling 25,000 square feet. That would make for some very comfortable summers indeed!

The current owners have done a marvellous job in restoring and expanding on the original home. It made perfect sense when I learned that Mr. Bennett, the current owner along with his wife Ms. Beaton, is an architect. 

We started our tour in Colonel Langdon's Room. 

The room is the perfect setting for a small work function or family celebration. Today the room was being set up for a wedding! 

I love every detail in this room, especially the wood paneled walls and the dark paint color. The bright white of the wood walls illuminate the room, still allowing the dark paint color to add drama to the space. 

Through the french doors is a window filled conservatory to host a cocktail hour before everyone is seated for dinner. 

The ceilings are not to be forgotten on this tour. The coffered ceilings on the main level will have you glancing up at every turn. 

The Red Room and Conservatory was also set up for a wedding! 

The staff was busying setting up the conservatory for an indoor wedding ceremony. 

 Wilks' Bar is the perfect place for a lighter lunch, dinner or some cocktails. They had some delicious drinks displayed on their chalkboard. 

The table is set in Wilk's Bar and awaiting the arrival of it's lunchtime guests. 

Beside Wilks' Bar is the billiards room. Overlooking the pool table is a map of Waterloo Region dated 1861. When the owners started renovating they found all kinds of treasures in the attic and I imagine this was one of them. 

We visited one of the House Rooms, these rooms are located on the second and third floor of the main house. What struck me most about the room, besides the serene decor, is how comfortable the bed is. When I select a hotel my first thought is always about the bed and what type of sleep I will get. The featherbed, feather duvet and feather pillows will lull you to sleep in no time.

It's the little touches that stay with you long after you leave a hotel. In the bathroom I noticed the care that was taken in selecting and presenting the toiletries. The most important being a few makeup remover towelettes which seem to be the thing I forget the most. 

Through the little garden gate to the...

Swimming pool!

The pool loungers, from Restoration Hardware, are the perfect spot for relaxing after a nice swim. Attendants are near by to bring you water, drinks and assist you and your family. 

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Langdon Hall, stay tuned as I will be posting more about my visit this week. 

Many thanks to Kate for the lovely tour.