Heinen's Cleveland

I am a sucker for grocery stores. Can't really explain it but I'm sure I get it from my mom who has been obsessed with Whole Foods since I don't even know when. My lovely husband is well aware that I like to visit local grocery stores when on vacation and he found the most amazing one yet on our recent trip to Cleveland, Heinen's at the corner of East 9th St & Euclid Ave.

The architecture outside is lovely and then you walk into see the ceiling! It is literally breathtaking. The whole family stood in the doorway for a minute just staring! 

They are clearly used to this and posted this great sign asking you to hashtag your photos. There were so many people inside shopping and just as many standing around and taking photos. 

The grocery store is two levels. All your dry goods, bakery, meat & deli are on the first floor with liquor, tea & coffee and specialty items on the second floor. 

Also on the second floor is a lot of seating. Each exquisite marble table has a listing of their special tasting events and is a great place to sit and people watch with a glass of wine. A glass of wine you ask?

There is a wine tasting vending machine! In fact, they have many of them on the second floor. Each section, Cab Sav, various whites, have a tasting machine. If memory serves it was about $3-$4 for a glass.  

Our kids are great travelers and something we have always done is grab snacks and milk at each of our destinations. It has always helped them feel like home isn't too far away. Since we were on our way to the Cleveland Indians game we couldn't grab too many items but these peanuts definitely came home with us. 

The view overlooking the second floor balcony. The middle medallion says Cleveland Trust Company which were the original occupiers of the building. You can read all about the history of this 20th century gem here

I thought I'd died and went to heaven! Their champagne selection is outstanding!

The youngest found this incredible free chilling service near the champagne. It's a cooler filled with ice cold water, the yellow sign tells you how long to keep your bottle in to chill it.

I wonder if they lock the outer solid doors at night? Either way it was an incredible tour through the grocery store. I'm so disappointed that I didn't get to try any of their baked goods, they looked delish!

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