Back to School for Teens

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In yesterdays post I shared how much I love back to school season and before I started buying myself back to school supplies, I had a lot of practice getting my kids ready for the start of a new school year. I just love making lists and checking off each item (so satisfying) and as much as I love shopping, I also love a good deal. When you are shopping for two teenagers it can get very expensive, very fast! I've learned a trick or two in my time and I thought I would share some of that knowledge!

  • The best advice I ever got (from AMH!) is if you love something, buy multiples. 
  • Speaking of multiples, shop at stores that provide discounts for buying more than one (ex. BOGO sales)
  • Collect points from each store that offers them. You can either get free products, gift cards or exclusive coupons
  • For the stores you shop at the most, sign up for their emails to get pre-sales info and special savings
  • Take an inventory on last years clothing. If they still fit into something and it's in good shape, cross that off the list
  • Stick to timeless clothes. Be wary of anything too trendy as it will probably be out of style before they even wear it
  • Shop during the week and not on the weekends. The mall on the weekends leading to Back to school is hectic and some stores will offer mid week deals! 
  • Don't wait until school has already started to go back to school shopping. More than likely the best stuff is already gone. I usually start 2-3 weeks before the first day of school

I wanted to get as much use out of each item as possible on my teens back to school list so I choose items in navy, grey and red. They are great colors and they mix so well with everything else they have in their wardrobe! My criteria for clothes is "can it pull double duty?" meaning, can they wear this to school and on weekends. Actually, each one of these pieces can be worn with existing summer clothes to slowly transition into fall and then worn together during the cooler months making them span not only weekday/weekend wear but seasons as well!

A few notes about each selection

L.L. Bean is known for their great quality and parents of boys know how important that is for jeans. I suggest 3-5 pairs of jeans to start the school year.

The Bay carries great brands at great prices and I love the ease of online shopping. You can't go wrong with a plain Ralph Lauren oxford and if the sizing is off, The Bay accepts returns in store. Don't forget to collect your HBC Rewards!

Old Navy is a great store for stocking up on essentials and I have always had great luck with their outerwear. Boys usually run warm so until it starts snowing, my boys will only wear vests. Their leather belts are well made and at that price it makes it easy to stock up!

WalMart Canada is another great place for essentials. My boys swear by their athletic shorts and use them for all their pre and post school sports. I always grab multiple packages of their socks and multi coloured ones make it easy for folding. They have a wide selection of watches and we have never had an issue with Timex ones (and my boys are pretty rough on them)

American Eagle is the one store both mom and boys can agree on no matter what. I like the preppy feel to their shirts and the boys think AE is "cool". We both agree that their plaid oxfords are great for both school and weekends and the instore sales can't be beat. We also collect points at AE and periodically we get coupons in the mail

Roots is back on the "cool" list as well. We made a quick stop in store last night with the boys who were impressed with the style and comfort of their sweaters. I was very excited about that since I grew up on Roots!

Ole Mason Jar is a new-to-me brand of shirts and polos made in America. For each item purchased they donate food to feed families in North and South Carolina so you can look good and feel good! My boys like the cool (there is that magic word again!) design of the mason jar and think it's great to support a company that cares

I'd love to hear some of your tips, share your thoughts below!

Happy shopping!

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