Buffalo Bisons Star Wars Night

For the third year in a row Buffalo Bisons Star Wars Night (#BisonsSWN on social media) played out in front of a sold out crowd. 17,600 Buffalo fans watched the Bisons beat the Columbus Clippers 5-1 and viewed the newest chapter in the Star Wars saga, The Force Crystallized. We knew early in the season that AMH was going to throw out the first pitch (for the second time) and the whole family was excited to see that the Jedi Robe was chosen as 2015's jersey! 

Our group is steadily growing! This year we brought along my brother and my mother in law. 

AMH threw out an amazing first pitch! He even got to act a little. Darth Vader had stolen the ball and a young Jedi retrieved it for AMH. The crowd roared and the whole family was so proud of his pitching abilities. 

Darth Vader is lead off the field and back to his prison cell. In last years chapter, he was betrayed by Count Dooku and captured by the Jedi. 

Another big moment for AMH was meeting Vice President and General Manager Mike Buczkowski, he's the reason we started attending Bisons games! During the summer of 2013 Jose Reyes, who last week was traded from the Toronto Blue Jays to the Colorado Rockies, was rehabbing an ankle injury. Mike Buczkowski held a contest over Twitter to give away four front row seats to Reyes first game and we won! 

The youngest happened to be in the right place, at the right time, wearing the right shirt! While finishing up the first pitch the Bisons asked the youngest if he wanted to be the Play Ball Kid of the Game! He can be incredibly shy and we all saw that look in his eyes of "say no and run away" and we kindly encouraged him to do it. He yelled out "Play Ball" like a pro and I think he really enjoyed seeing himself along with Buster Bison and Chip on the big screen.

No trip to the Bisons is complete until we visit Larry the Peanut Guy. The oldest and Larry have been good friends since we first started coming to Bisons games. The oldest has grown quite a bit in the last year and even Larry has started saying "I knew you when you were this high". Come to think of it, he really started growing after eating Larry's peanuts...

The WCC (Wing, Cheese and Celery) Race. Celery had the crystals and everything but still came up short. The WCC Race is a popular as the baseball game itself. There are just as many Celery tshirts as there are Bisons tshirts in the crowd. 

As night fell, the lightsabers lit up the stands! I recommend the Family Four Pack which comes with 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs and Coca Cola drinks and 1 lightsabre, this is what we have purchased the last two years. You can bring in outside lightsabers or purchase additional ones for $7, the proceeds benefit Compass House a not-for-profit organization that offers a safe home for homeless youth in Western New York.  

 Another chapter in the Star Wars saga. The story plays out on the screen and concludes with an epic battle on field. 

The fireworks started going off during the battle, it really upped the drama! If you look closely at the bottom of the photo you can see the Jedi and the Sith characters on field. The fireworks were nothing short of spectacular and everyone agreed that the red 'V' fireworks were the best ones. 

The Jedi were victorious and another chapter in this Star Wars saga has concluded. This event is a must see for any Star Wars fan, even the ones who do not like baseball (I mean really, how can you not like baseball!). There are character meet & greets throughout the concourse area, perfect for the littlest Star Wars fans in the family, and fans are free to dress as their favorite character.

Did you attend this years Star Wars night? Planning on attending next year? I can pretty much guarantee I will be there again in 2016 cheering on the Jedi!