Yankee Stadium

A few weeks ago I posted about our 24 hour adventure in New York City (you can see that post here). The reason for embarking on an early morning 8 hour road trip was to visit Yankee Stadium! 

Opened in 2009 Yankee Stadium was built to replace the original Yankee Stadium, which is now a public park across the street, at a price tag of $2.3 Billion making it the most expensive stadium ever built! The Great Hall, pictured above, has banners depicting all the legends who have played for the Yankees.

The Toronto Blue Jays warming up on field. I was rather surprised we were able to come this close in the seating area without being asked to see a ticket. Quite a few people were sneaking down here, just like us, to snap some photos. 

Security didn't shoo anyone away and I thank them for that. Yes, if the game is about to start you shouldn't be allowed in an area that you do not hold a ticket for. But hours before the game, anyone should be allowed close to the field to snap some photos. The kindly security guard even took our photo! Of course, he did laugh that we were in Yankee Stadium with Blue Jays jerseys on. 

Not surprisingly the dominant color throughout the park is Yankee Blue. The frieze on the upper deck was constructed to replicate the original Yankee Stadium before a 1970's renovation removed them.  

Each post along the frieze has a flag representing each team in the Major League in order of standings. There is a great article from the New York Times on the flags and the crew who place them (Link to article).

After a quick look around we were off to find beer and our seats! I have heard a lot (and I mean a lot) of people complain about the price of beer and concessions at Yankee Stadium. While each beer is $12 (for the large size I have above) that is pretty on par with the other stadiums I have visited this year. In fact Toronto and Cleveland are the same price. I took a peak at food costs and there is a burger & fries combo in a collectible bucket for around $12 which seemed ok. The big problem is the ticket prices! I love sitting on the third baseline or behind home plate but at $500 a ticket there was no way we were paying that!

We purchased tickets in the Jim Beam Suite through Stub Hub (paid $130 each). 

The lounge was my favorite part of the trip! Lots of air conditioned seating indoors with a private bar fully stocked with beer and of course Jim Beam! We recently visited Jim Beam and it was nice to be able to try some of the flavors we tried at the distillery. 

The Jim Bean Suite opens before the game starts and they have special activities for kids. The rooms are decorated with mylar balloons that they give away at the end of the game (I took the ones above and gave them to a little boy in a Yankees jersey outside of the stadium). They had a table set up and decorated for a luau party with treats, toys and Yankee items. I brought home some twirly straws for my boys. 

The suite is all inclusive (except alcohol). Lunch was buffet style with pizza, chicken fingers, fries and little desserts with all the popcorn and soda you can eat! We happened to visit on cowboy hat giveaway day, which you may have seen on my Instagram page. Other benefits of the Jim Beam Suite are: access to the Sony Terrace (wrist band entry to outdoor lounge with cushioned chairs), private restrooms (no waiting, a huge bonus!) and concierge.

When you check in at the Jim Beam Suite, they give you a wrist band to be able to come and go as you please. Our seats were in section 321 and had a great view of home plate. You can see David Price walking towards the pitchers mound, he's the reason we wanted to see this game! Such an incredible pitcher, we are all hoping he stays in Toronto next year! 

The Blue Jays won and after the game we hung around Yankee Stadium and chatted with locals and other Jays fans. I have to give the people of New York real credit. People were calling out to us in our Jays jerseys and saying that they are supporting the Jays as well! Did you ever think you would see a Yankee fan say that they like another team too? Class act every single one of them. From the guys at Starbucks, to the subway, to the stadium, everyone said they think the Jays are a great team. 

If you get the chance to visit Yankee Stadium try and visit the New York Yankees Museum on the main level at Gate 6. We didn't get the chance to see it, actually I didn't find out about it until after we left. They have a "ball wall" which holds a collection of former Yankees signatures including Babe Ruth! Oh well, gives us a reason to go back and visit!