Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books make a great gift for anyone on your list (*hint hint, Valentine's Day is almost here!) There are so many wonderful books to choose from, you really can find a coffee table book to match any interest or hobby! I have amassed quite a collection of coffee table books and I have been know to rummage through boxes at antiques stores looking for the next addition (which AMH and I did this past weekend finding a picture book of Canada from the 80's). 

The below selections not only contain great content, they also make great home decor pieces! Coffee table styling has turned into an art form. This article from The Everygirl is a great read for anyone looking to up their coffee table game. On to the books...

For the princess

kate spade

The hostess

The architect

coffee table books

The art lover

The road trip enthusiast

The Most Scenic Drives in America, Newly Revised and Updated: 120 Spectacular Road Trips

For the chef


The car enthusiast

The lover of all things pink and green

The classic movie buff

The photographer

The fashion obsessed

...and the cheeky prep

True Prep: It's A Whole New Old World

Do you have any coffee table books in your home right now? What are your favourites?

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  1. Great choices, I actually have New York from the air. One of my favs cheers