The Grass is Getting Greener

Sweater: Dalia (Similar, great price!, has a bow! | Oxford: Ralph Lauren | Jeans: Gap (on sale!) | Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull | Flats: Nine West | Necklace and bracelets: Mix of Old Navy and vintage | Lipstick: Mark Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang | Nail polish: Essie Blanc 

The snow is melting and the grass is getting greener everyday! Such a welcome sight after yet again, another snow fall last weekend. I take my Friday fashion post photos on the weekend before (I have a full time job and school during the week, it's my only spare time) and because I love taking photos outside, I am at the mercy of the weather. There is quite a bit of rain in the forecast for the next few days but I'm okay with rain - with rain comes green grass and spring flowers!

I fell in love with this green sweater the minute I saw it. I love having green eyes and when I wear green, it makes them stand out (people always assume I have blue eyes but I assure you they are very green). I have loved this building since I first moved to Kitchener (many, many years ago). It is the local Chamber of Commerce but I imagine it was once a home. I love the grey stone exterior, the white front door moulding and the green front door and shutters. I've never been inside, and they were closed on our visit, but I'm sure I could talk my way into a little tour next time I visit!

For this outfit I wanted casual, but polished. I started with the sweater and knowing that it was still a little on the cool side, I added a long sleeve oxford for layering. My favourite Gap jeans, my leopard flats and LV bag completed the look. Just in time for St. Patty's day next week! I will be celebrating with my friend, and frequent guest blogger here on Celebrating this Life, Crystal from Your Health - Your Choice! Make sure to follow on Instagram @Celebratingthislife and Snapchat @Celebr8thislife to follow along!

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