Walking the Dogs

Yes, Colton is holding his own leash. He thinks he takes us for a walk!

On me: Leggings Old Navy | Chambray shirt Old Navy | Sweater Calvin Klein (similar here & here)
Earrings Macy's | Lipstick Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb | Ball cap Toronto Blue Jays | Shoes Saucony

Walking our dogs is one of my favourite activities. The husband and I try and take our two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Colton (as seen above) and Lily (who does not enjoy posing for the camera as much as Colton does) everyday, even in cold weather. They are mountain dogs after all and they love it when its cold! AMH and I recently embarked on a healthy living lifestyle change that included cutting out the bad food, adding in more good food, and trying to move everyday. The dogs have been a great motivator in the "getting to move" category. 

Colton will be celebrating this 9th birthday this summer! He is still very active but as an older dog, he has a few limitations. Bernese are sprinters, not long distance runners. Each night we take both dogs on a 2 km walk and return Colton home to rest (mostly sleep), then we take Lily out for another 9kms. Lily is a mixed breed Bernese and I swear she has a little border collie in her because she is fast and can go forever! Seriously, after we get home from her 11km walk she is at the door begging to go out again. All this walking has greatly contributed to our weight loss. I've lost 10 pounds and the hubby...40 pounds since November! 

The weather is finally warming up and there is no need for a jacket on our walks anymore. I am a big fan of layering and a long sleeve oxford and thick fleece sweater are perfect for the days when the sun is out (I just remove my sweater) and for the days when the wind is picking up (then I zip this sweater as high as it will go). Having long hair is great, unless the wind is whipping it into a total mess. Thank goodness I have an ever expanding baseball cap collection to pull from! Growing up just outside of Toronto I have always loved the Toronto Blue Jays (even when they were oh so terrible in the early 00's) and it's so nice to see everyone supporting the team this year (last year they had an a-mazing year!). As for footwear our favourtie guest blogger Your Health-Your Choice wrote about the importance of great footwear this week in this blog post. I love Saucony just as much as Crystal and have always trusted their footwear for my family. I love the funky colours and more importantly, how comfortable they are. The Oldest is a cross country runner on his high school team and he swears by his Sauconys! 

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