AMH's Collections

Yesterday I shared a few of my collections, now we are going to the other side of collections and seeing what a man collects! I asked my husband, AMH, what he collects and his answer was "nothing". Well, after a few probing questions he realized he does have a few things he thinks to have around the house and hunt for while at antique stores (which I drag him to quite frequently).

A few of AMH's collections:

Baseball caps. this was just a sample of his week rotation. He has over 40 different baseball caps, many are vintage designs, like the first hat of a bear. That's the Chicago Cubs original hat. 

Tequila! A collection that started after our visit to Mexico. AMH has become quite the connoisseur. 

Old records. AMH has been able to find some great records for only a buck. 

The Colonel Saunders collection. This is a funny one that started kind of by accident. After visiting the first KFC in Kentucky we found the Colonel Saunders piggy bank (the tallest one) and out him in the kitchen to watch us making fried chicken. From there, it was kind of nice having the Colonel watching us, so now the collection has grown to four! They all sit on our counter top beside the stove. They are a little odd to have in your kitchen but we love them. 

Do your spouses have any interesting collections? How did they start?

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