The Oldest's Collections

Last week I shared a peek at my collections and my husband AMH's collections. Today, let's take a look at my son, The Oldest's collections...I mean, besides video games.

Vintage cigar and cigarette boxes. If memory serves, his Grandfather has a box in his garage and gave The Oldest one because he thought they were neat looking. Since then he loves going to the antique market in the summer and searching for something new to add! The yellow Black Cat box is his favourite find. None of us are smokers and it's nice to see that kids these days (god I sound old) are not taking up smoking. We've never had a problem with him collecting these as we knew it was more about the interesting designs than anything else. 

Baseballs! This kid has more signed balls than anyone I know. And this is just part of the collection! Blue Jays fans will recognize #17 Kelly Gruber on top of the box. The one in the glass case is a very special one, signed by Lloyd Moseby, Roberto Alomar, Sandy Alomar and George Bell! The Oldest signed up for a Blue Jays baseball camp a few years ago and trained with the greats of the game! There are a few more balls in storage and I am currently trying to find a way to display them all. We are going to need a bigger shelf, I can tell you that much! 

 I hope you enjoyed this little look at my family's collections!

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