Rochester Red Wings

Last weekend the husband and I decided to take a little couples weekend away in New York State. The Rochester Red Wings were playing on Saturday night and the promotion was a fireworks night! I love fireworks! Rochester is a great place to visit, it's only a three hour drive from Toronto, Ontario, and what a beautiful drive it is (unless your tire blows on the QEW and you have to drive home to get another car and then start the road trip all over again). We quickly checked into our hotel, the Holiday Inn Rochester Downtown, and walked over to the field. 

Even with the car troubles we had, we still made it in time to watch the Rochester Red Wings play the Toledo MudHens. Before finding our seat we went on a tour of the stadium, which we last visited in 2014 (See a full list of all stadiums we have visited). First up was the team store. 

An entire wall of hats! Classic New Era hats in full back and snap back. AMH and The Oldest already have a Rochester Red Wings hat so we moved on. 

Well this is new, a full section of women's wear! A great assortment of women's clothing in team colours and pastels. All fitted to women and not the dreaded "unisex" sizing. As a baseball loving female, I was so excited to see this! I've passed on many baseball t-shirts and sweaters because the fit was all wrong. 

I didn't purchase any new clothing but we did leave with a blue plaid, baseball, picnic blanket! Three of my favourite things combined! 

Our new picnic blanket came in handy right away! We stopped by the peanut and chemical free lawn where families sat and children were free to run around. 

Ok, this may seem a little odd but when you visit as many baseball fields as I do this is important. The Red Wings have one of the cleanest bathrooms in all of baseball. Yes, I am saying that out of all the MiLB and MLB fields I have been to, this is the cleanest. They also have a very clean changing station which I no longer need but did meet a mother in here that said she was so happy it was clean and easy to use. 

I'd have to say my favourite thing about seeing a baseball game in Rochester is their wide assortment of craft breweries (well, after actually seeing the game of course!). We stopped to try Rohrbach Brewing Company and to support a local children's charity. All the money raised from beer sales that night supported a local skate club!

Found our seats, Section 205 Row L Seat 5&6 (For those wondering, these seats are $11.50 making it a great value for a night out with your spouse and/or kids!). Time to enjoy a little ball, sunshine and beer, #ROCthesummer. We had a great view with the Kodiak building overlooking the park and we got the last bit of sunshine on our side. 

The Zooperstars is a hilarious troop of animals with names that play on famous sports players, this guy is Mackerel Jordan. He spits baseballs at the bat boy and wants to play a game of catch. When the bat boy becomes annoyed with him, Mackerel Jordan eats him and spits out his clothes! Then he spits the bat boy out with just his boxer shorts on and runs away. It's great fun between innings. They have quite a few characters and they all have their signature moves. 

We were feeling antsy thanks to sitting so long in the car (with our blown tire we were in the car 5 hours, with an hour of waiting for a tow truck) so we left our seats and walked around the field. We found a new stand that sells adult root beer, Small Town Brewery out of Illinois. AMH and I decided to split a Not Your Fathers Root Beer 5.9% since we were not all that sure how a beer root beer was going to taste. This is dangerous stuff my friends! It is delicious and tastes as silky and sweet as a regular root beer, but you get a buzz! It is very sugary and I'm glad we decided to just split one. I would buy this and serve it as a dessert drink.

We found a table in the outdoor eating area, the perfect viewing spot for the on field fireworks. 

And it was right beside the bar! Two more craft beers, Brooklyn Summer Ale (love it!) and we purchased two plastic Red Wings mason jars for $2 to take home for the boys. 

The fireworks were set to 80's music and paid tribute to the purple one, Prince!

The fireworks were outstanding and the 80's music took me back to being a little kid. It was the great way to finish out our visit to the Rochester Red Wings. 

Many thanks to Nate and the Rochester Red Wings for the tickets and for a wonderful night out!