Grilled Peach Dessert

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Looking for a quick and easy weeknight dessert your family will love? Them look no further than this incredibly easy grilled peach dessert! The only tool you really need is a BBQ! 


It's peach season here in Ontario and nothing beats a fresh from the tree Niagara peach. The kids and I stopped by a local farm stand to pick up a basket, or two, and have been enjoying this years crop with our lunches, as a snack, and now as a dessert! 

peaches and ice cream

There are so many complicated dessert recipes and while that usually won't prevent me from baking (although I still have not attempted making my own macarons!), on a weeknight I just want something easy. The kids are still on summer holidays but that doesn't mean our house is any less busy! The Oldest works a part-time job and volunteers and The Youngest has music lessons three nights a week! Add in both parents working full-time and two big dogs who constantly want a walk, there really isn't a lot of time to be fussing with a dessert (I'm lucky if we actually cook and don't end up with a pizza most nights ha!). This easy grilled peaches dessert only requires some of those fresh peaches, ice cream and a loaf of pound cake. You can make your own pound cake or pick up a store bought one like I did.  

Make sure to wash the peach fuzz off your peaches and dry them well before starting. Using a paring knife, run the knife along the stone pit of your peach. Twist to separate and pop, or dig, the pit out of the other half of your peach. Brush the cut side of the peaches lightly with canola oil. 

Place on a hot grill (ours was heated up from our dinner) and leave for 3-4 minutes. Turn to create a grill pattern and leave for another 3-4 minutes. The heat warms up the fruit and intensifies the sweetness. 

So if this were a tv show the grill patterns would be perfect but this is real life and I have used a BBQ like twice in my whole life, so no fancy grill marks here. Doesn't matter, you are only putting ice cream on it anyways! :D

grilled peaches

A slice of pound cake, a grilled peach and a scoop of ice cream. That's it! From the second you start this recipe until you plate, it takes about 10 minutes total. It took me longer to do all the dishes from dinner! 

I like to make sure to have a little bit of each item in every fork full. The peaches were all warm and sweet, the pound cake gave you something to chew and the ice cream, well it's ice cream so it's already awesome. While peach season is still on I am going to try this a few more times (maybe I'll get those grills marks down!) and I'm thinking of ways to try and make it a little lighter on the calories. I'm going to try just a peach half on it's own, or add a few tablespoons of greek yogurt. The peach season is so short, I just want to enjoy it while it is here! 

Are you enjoying peach season? If you have any tricks for getting the grill marks, fill me in!

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