Three Things

Celebrating the end of school exams with champagne poolside. I have amassed quite the collection of champagne at home (thank you duty free shopping!) and always felt like I needed some *really big* moment to enjoy them but what moment is the right one? Well, sometimes a Saturday night after you had to wait all day to write an exam is that exact moment. Time to start celebrating the little moments too, amirite?

Last week I was a little absent in posting as I was on vacation from work and really needed the down time (I was sick with a bad summer cold for most of it). The family and I went on a nice country drive to Collingwood and stopped, at The Youngest's request, to go bowling. We had so much fun playing, turns out we are a highly competitive group (jk I already knew that!)

We, and by we I mean my husband, started our own vegetable garden at home and until our crop comes in, I am visiting all the local road side stands to pick up what we need. I love living in Kitchener because I have all the amenities of a big city and I'm only a 4 minute car ride from the country. This stand, which I will be visiting often, is in the small town of New Dundee (if you visit, there is a sign to direct you, 2kms on Bridge St from the centre of town).

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