Rollerball Fragrance

My summer16 scent Tory Burch // Fall scents Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black & White

I am a fragrance lover. I remember asking for my very first bottle of perfume, Cher's Bob Mackie, it was Christmas and I was 8 or 9 years old. I remember being even younger than that and smelling the bottle of Polo Ralph Lauren (the big green bottle) of cologne my mom bought for my dad. The smell of musk and leather always makes me feel like a little kid. I wear perfume even if I am just getting up to do laundry. It's a habit, part of my morning routine and for a few seconds of everyday I have a little moment of luxury all to myself. I like to change my scent with the seasons and it has been an expensive habit, until now. Enter Rollerball fragrance.

I received a sample of Tory Burch's first fragrance about this time last year and I just connected with the scent. Sweet, yet not too flowery, and a touch of masculinity. It reminds me of wearing TommyGirl in the 90's. I like to think that the Tory Burch fragrance is just a grown up version of that. I have been dying for a bottle of my own but I received a very large bottle of my all time favourite perfume Chanel No.5 last Christmas and felt guilty about buying another expensive scent. A trip to Sephora at the beginning of the summer changed everything!

I was wandering around Sephora one weekend when a staffer asked me what fragrance I was wearing. I told her it was the last of my Tory Burch sample and she complimented how it smelled on me (did you know that perfume smells differently on each one of us?). I told her my story about wanting a bottle, but feeling guilty about buying another fragrance and that is when she suggested the rollerball stand at the very back of the store. I had never ventured to the back of the store, I thought it was all men's products, so I have no idea how long the rollerball option has been there for. I quickly scooped up the Tory Burch rollerball and happily went about my summer. I wore this scent everyday and I still have half a bottle. I have to say I love the size of it for throwing into an overnight bag. But summer has come and gone and I was feeling the itch for a fall scent. So back to Sephora I headed. 

I gravitated towards Elizabeth and James' Nirvana right away. I was looking for something warm and spicy with a slight smell of wood to match the season. It should come as no surprise that Nirvana Black is my favourite of the two. But boy am I glad they combined these two into a package because I really like Nirvana White for daytime. With notes of peony and musk, it is feminine yet powerful. Like 'Look out world, I've got my sassy pants on today!'. Nirvana Black is deep and broody. Sandalwood and vanilla make it the kind of perfume you need for a night out, or a night in (wink, wink). 

The rollerball fragrance size makes them perfect for on the go touch ups (although I will say that I have found that Elizabeth and James' fragrance lasts for more than 12 hours), travelling and great gifts! The in store display carries a wide range of men's and women's perfume and the online shop carries even more (like the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon I am planning on ordering this winter for myself). I am so glad I found this option so I can change up my perfume whenever the mood strikes. I'm always interested in finding out what other people wear and would love to hear what your go-to scent is! 

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  1. Love this post, Rox-Anne! I commented on your Insta that I ADORE both the Nirvana White and Black dry shampoos. I haven't heard of Nirvana Bourbon! I'll be running to Sephora this weekend to give that a try!

    "look out world, I've got my sassy pants on today!" - lol! You're hilarious, but spot on!

    Glass of Glam