Fall Jackets

Lovin' dusty pink this fall. Pair with navy and tortoise.

Muttonhead (Made in Canada!) Waterproof hoodie

J.Crew Factory On major sale! 

We are in that funny time of year where the mornings are cold with frost on the windows yet by noon, we are peeling off layers and wondering where we stashed the sunscreen. Fall jackets are not just for the fall season - they can be worn anytime of year making them a worthwhile investment. I'm such a fall lover (#IWishItWasAlwaysFall) and I find that fall jackets seem to match best with what I already have in my wardrobe (I wear a lot of navy and white). 

With the addition of a few layers, a fall coat will carry you through winter and on cool nights in spring/summer. Each one of the coats above can be worn on all of your fall adventures and I am considering adding a few to my ever growing collection of jackets. I recently added a vintage Levi's jean jacket and could not be happier! My favourite part is how worn in the denim is, this Old Navy one has that same feel with the addition of spandex. It's also at a much better price point than vintage denim. Capes will never go out of style so while this Joules piece is a little pricey after converting to American or Canadian dollars, I can guarantee you will wear it for years. If I had to recommend only one jacket, it would be the Eddie Bauer quilted coat. The reviews are great, the styling is classic, and it's currently on sale for $59.99. You can't go wrong! There are six different colours to choose from, I would stick with the classic Loden (as seen above) or Indigo to achieve that "I just put the horses back in their stall" look. 

Lastly, I included the much sought after J.Crew herringbone vest because a) it is majorly on sale (50% off until Oct.17!) and b) this weekend my mom visited and for our drive out into the country she wore a long sleeve with a vest, and her sweater on top. I died! When did she get to be so fashionable! Her outfit was much better than mine and now I am planning on stealing the look. 

Which fall jacket is your favourite?


  1. I have been looking and looking for a cape online, but I have to find one that I like that's around the $100 mark. The Joules one is a classic look, but too pricey for this gal. Love the Eddie Bauer pick...it would encourage me to go for a hike!

  2. Now that's funny Rox-Anne I have always been stylish. Haha NOT