Happy Anniversary

Yes, we had our wedding photos taken in front of the SkyDome, now Rogers Centre. I told you we really love baseball!

Today, AMH and I are celebrating 13 years of marriage (that's the olden days for you young folks. We didn't even have digital cameras back then!) It feels like a lifetime ago but I still remember how excited (and stressed out because Type A's don't get to relax on their wedding day) I was to marry him.

I don't like to give relationship advice. I feel that a relationship is something so personal and unique that standard advice can never cover the complexities of human emotions and situations. But I will say this; when you are with a person and you know, like really know in your soul, that they would do absolutely anything for you, thank them for it. Be appreciative. Tell them that the little things they do for you really matter. Just be thankful and try to be as good to them as they are to you. We all forget to say thanks, I am guilty of that. I encourage each and everyone of you to say thank you to that special person in your life.

Today, I want to thank my husband for being the greatest husband, father, and friend. I love you more with every passing day and I still can't believe how much you love me. It's just you and me. Forever. Love you.

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  1. Aw. You two! You are such a warm and welcoming couple. So happy to know you both! Cheers to you!