Norfolk County Fair

Last Friday night AMH and I visited the Norfolk County Fair in Simcoe, Ontario. This annual agricultural fair takes place on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and ends on Thanksgiving Monday. This was the first time we had visited the 176 year old event. The big draw for us was the Dallas Smith concert later in the evening and we found lots of entertainment around the fair while we waited for the big act. Interested in a look at the Norfolk County Fair? Let's go! 

It wouldn't be an agriculture fair without some animals, right? The Poultry Barn housed all the award winner birds. The roosters must have been confused about the time of day because at 6 pm, they were cock-a-doodle-dooing like crazy (actually, I think it was feeding time for them). They were giants and I haven't seen a rooster that big since the Little Jerry Seinfeld episode :)

In another building, the BMO Agriculture Centre, they had an assortment of farm animals and presentations, like sheep sheering and cow milking. I was enamored by the baby goats, or better known as a kid. They were lively, head butting and jumping up and down. They sure seemed interested when little kids, the human kind, came to visit them. 

And then I found my cow. Once upon a time, The Oldest and I went for a bike ride in a very rural area and we happened upon a cow farm. This baby jersey cow came to the fence almost as if she was calling to us to come visit. We spent some time with the little cow, who absolutely loved being petted. Ever since then I have said when I finally get my farm house (one day, fingers crossed) I am getting a jersey cow. They are just the sweetest creatures. This mama was more than happy to smile for the camera! 

After visiting the animals were were off to see the assortment of produce from the region. The award winning wheat sheaths were on display for everyone to marvel at. They just scream fall and the perfectly aligned wheat sprigs speaks to the OCD'er in me.  

I must say, the giant pumpkins were the real draw for the produce building! This giant orange pumpkin clocked in at 1516 pounds! That's one big jack-o-lantern! 

You can't visit a county fair without trying out some fair food! There was a large assortment of vendors to choose from, covering a wide variety of cuisines, but it was Bubba's Butterfly Chips that I was after. As soon as I saw them being made on the Norfolk County Fair Instagram page I knew I had to try them. They were light and crispy and come unsalted. I choose to add lots and lots of salt to mine! 

The "Taste of Norfolk" was showcasing local food and drink along with live music. On site was two craft brewers, a winery, a bakery and a few samples from local restaurants. We got there just in time to see The Practically Hip, you guessed it a Tragically Hip cover band. They sound just like the real thing and managed to get a number of people up and dancing (except AMH and I because, well, I have no idea how to dance and have no intention of learning). 

As the sun set, the grandstands and the Party on the Track started to fill in waiting for the main act of the night, Canadian country singer Dallas Smith. You may know a few of his hits "Waistin' Gas", "Autograph", or my fave "Tippin' Point". The outdoor venue was situated in such a way that there wasn't a bad seat, or standing area. Truly impressive! Dallas and his band entertained the sold out crowd well into the night. We snuck out just before the last song to begin our journey home. We had a turkey waiting to be brined for our Thanksgiving dinner the next day! 

Many thanks to Wendy and the staff at the Norfolk County Fair for hosting our visit! 

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