Rainy Days Ahead

Outfit | Boots: Hunter | Umbrella: The Bay | Bag: L.L.Bean | Leggings: Old Navy
Shirt: Old Navy (a few summers ago) | Sweater: Calvin Klein (Similar style) | 

It looks like we have a few rainy days ahead of us. Saturday was beautiful (if you follow me on Instagram you could see how lovely the day was! We were in Georgian Bay and the weather could not have been better!) and Sunday was full of intermittent rain showers and looks like we will be getting more precipitation right up until the weekend. Not that I mind, I just grab my Hunters and go! 

The boys and I were on a candy run, prepping for the new Simpson's Treehouse of Horror, and we stopped at this little park across from the store to shoot a few pictures. It was a no make-up day for me which worked out well given the rain was blowing in every direction! Even with my Hudson's Bay umbrella I still managed to get wet. 

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  1. How fun was it to throw those leaves? Looks like you enjoyed yourself...despite the dreary weather!