Road Trip Picnic

Outfit | Scarf: Target | Oxford: J.Crew | Sweater: L.L.Bean
Jeans: Mavi | Boots: Macy's | Sunnies: Cheapies (similar) |

Last week's road trip adventure took us up to Georgian Bay, a little under three hours from where we live. We left in the morning and since we had planned our route to avoid all major highways (fun fact you will never meet someone who detests highways more than me, ok, maybe my mom but we're family and that doesn't count). Knowing that all major routes where off the table, we had to plan ahead for our lunch. The night before I roasted a pie pumpkin and a butternut squash to make soup and dessert for our journey (I posted a BTS on my IG Stories but will make sure to share the recipe on the blog next week!). I packed roasted butternut squash soup in my vintage thermos, which still works wonderfully, and mini mason jar pumpkin pies. We added a few other goodies to our basket, like crisps, cookies and fruit leather, but the soup and pumpkin pie was all we needed. Along one of our backroads we found a picnic spot where we enjoyed lunch in the great outdoors and snapped a few photos. Oh, and yes that is my car Dolly who I named after the one, the only, Dolly Parton. She's as beautiful and spunky as her namesake and I love them both.

Well I'm off to plan another weekend road trip, this time to Simcoe, Ont. Where are your adventures taking you this weekend?

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