Spooky Schoolhouse

Outfit | Dress: L.L.Bean | Chambray Shirt: Old Navy | Quilted Jacket: Target (Similar) |
Bag: L.L.Bean | Boots: Macy's

 It was like a scene out of Scooby-Doo. A spooky abandoned schoolhouse and all I wanted to do was eat Scooby snacks...I mean apple cider donuts! We had perfect fall weather for our drive out to The Apple Place in Simcoe. You can feel the chill getting stronger so I took the opportunity to get one last wear out of this summer dress I bought from L.L.Bean. This is probably the last week that we can get away with bare legs! The sleeves of the dress are three-quarter and since my arms will feel the chill long before my legs, I layered with my favourite chambray from Old Navy and my trusty quilted jacket.

After picking up a dozen apple cider donuts to take home to the kids we saw this abandoned schoolhouse on a side road. The marker says 1909 and it still has school desks inside. Since I have been such a scary cat since our visit to the terror zone last weekend, I wanted to just sit on the porch and try one of the donuts (totally perimeter BTW) while AMH did a little exploring around the perimiter. Once he started making jokes about ghost faces in the windows I was off like a shot to the car! That was enough of the spooky schoolhouse for me!


  1. That's a cool restoration job waiting to happen! Did you peek in the windows?