Winter Skincare

Each new season is an opportunity to asses our skin care regime. With winter quickly approaching, right now we need to focus on how that will affect our skin. Open windows have been replaced with blowing hot air and that shift can cause our skin to dry, making it look less vibrant than it should. This season is unique in that almost every skin type deals with some degree of dry, itchy skin during the winter months. I myself am a near constant sufferer of dry skin and while I do love winter, I dread what it does to my skin. I started to do a little online research and then quickly remembered that I have a fabulous resource, the lovely Julie, Spa Director at Langdon Hall! I reached out to ask if she wouldn't mind taking part in a Q&A on the subject of winter skincare and she happily obliged (thanks Julie!).   

Winter Skincare

Q: We are only a few days into the winter season and already I can feel my skin drying. What is one thing you recommend to help ease dry skin?

A: First step to any moisturized skin in the winter is a good exfoliant after cleansing your make up off.  Depending on the product and the skin type, this should take place a few times a week. This step shouldn’t be missed as it allows the skin to absorb the serum and moisturizer into deeper layers of skin, without that barrier of flakes stopping it.

4 steps to skin care

1. cleanse face

2. exfoliate (2-3 x week)

3. serum

4. moisturize

Once you get into this habit, you can then add things to it like masks, eye creams, and intensives for better results.

Q: What are your favourite skin products to use this season?

A: I’m hooked on our Valmont skin care line of course, but a serum is definitely going to give you that extra moisturizing boost you need this season. (placed first before your moisturizing cream)

Q: When looking at new skin care products, what ingredients should we watch for to aid dry skin?

A: Finding a skin care line you like and trust is the best option, going professional rather than retail (drug stores etc.) will definitely give you more results and allow the appropriate products placed on your skin. Picking one off of a shelf is better than using nothing, but a professional can assess your skin correctly and chose the right products based on your concerns. Some key words are hyaluronic acid and collagen, both give hydration to the skin and the latter will help with toning and firming. 

Q: I've been hearing a lot about using oil for face care. Do you recommend this? Is this ok for every (or most) skin types?

A: Seems to be the current trend is coconut oil, which I’ve personally never tried though I am a fan of natural remedies. Anyone with oily skin would probably shy away from adding more oil. Usually the thought of adding more oil to their skin is enough to turn people away in that case. It probably would be more helpful at night as I can see an issue with adding make up on top of that. A matt finish in the morning is the best to apply make up to.

Q: My lips are always dry at night. I have been using just a regular chapstick but it doesn't seem to be getting the job done. What products can you recommend for dry lips? Any treatments that might help?

A: I’ve had to start using our Lip Repair from Valmont as chapstick creates a barrier on your lips only.  It will prevent more moisture being lost, but it won’t add moisture, that is the real difference between a lip balm and a lip treatment. It’s also an easy season to forget to drink water, don’t forget your 8 glasses.

Q: What products, treatments, techniques will give our skin a radiant glow for the upcoming holiday season?

A: It’s important every season to have a set routine in the evening for cleansing and moisturizing the face. It’s amazing how many people tell me they don’t have time, but once you get in the habit, it doesn’t take any more time than brushing your teeth. (and you wouldn’t skip that! )

Q: Is it a good idea to get a facial this winter? How often should we be getting facials (annually, monthly?)

A: Facials are recommended monthly, however time doesn’t always allow us to do that. If you have a good at home regime then planning one at least every season, works the best. Your skin does change depending on outside temperatures, what was good for you in the summer may not work for you any longer come winter. Also don’t be surprised if the products recommended to you changes seasonally as well. When I moved to England my skin went through a major revolt. It was very unhappy with me, sometimes it’s those environmental and stressful situations that play havoc on our skin.

Q: I wash my hands often which means they're are always dry. Any good hand creams/treatments?

A: Just like your face, you can purchase lovely hand serums and creams during those winter months. Spa Ritual has a great combination package that includes both, which is perfect this time of year. (and it’s vegan!)

Q: Soap in the shower? Yes or no. 

A: Soap can be very dehydrating based on the bar. A nice body cleanser might be a better route. If you opt for soap, just make sure you apply a great body moisturizer on top before you dress. Again, it’s important to exfoliate after washing with a nice sugar scrub (you can make these at home with grapeseed oil, regular sugar (salt tends to irritate) and your favourite essential oil)

Q: Any last tips or advice for beating dry skin this winter season?

A: Last tip – bundle up! The skin on our bodies have the advantage of being clothed, when your poor face does not. You should not leave the house without a protection cream on your skin.

So much great advice in one short Q&A! We've covered everything from the proper way to cleanse your skin, right up to how to protect our hands during this dry winter weather. Take good care of your skin this winter, and make it a ritual to assess your skincare needs each season. You will be rewarded with youthful, luminescent skin for many years to come!

I want to thank Julie for sharing her insight into winter skincare with us. Visit Langdon Hall Spa to book a facial treatment or order any Valmont or Sparitual products. 


  1. Oh, I do so many things wrong. Super informative Q&A here! I have been using the Valmont night cream (semi-regularly), and I love how my skin feels in the morning. I have yet to find a chapstick that is working at the moment, so I may need to check out the Valmont lip stuff. My lips are mega dry.

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