All Plaid Everything

Shirt c/o | Sweater | Jeans | Boots | Scarf | Gloves | Necklace | Bracelet 1 & 2

Skirt (similar) | Shirt | Scarf in Lynx | Hat (old, similar) | Gloves | Shoes (similar) | Lipstick 

Skirt (vintage, similar) | Sweater (sold out, similar) | Brooch (vintage, similar) | Nylons | Heels | Mascara | Bracelet 1 & 2

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday! Our family spend more than a few nights indulging in some good food and drink over the last week (I care not to disclose exactly how much!). Over the last week I feel like my wardrobe has beeb all plaid everything and looking back on these photos I see I was right! I wore my fave L.L. Bean flannel for running errands on Christmas eve eve, green and red tartan on Christmas eve, and red tartan on Christmas day! One of my fave gifts this Christmas (which I got early because AMH has a bad habit of always giving me my gifts early) was a new rose gold iPhone 7 which I used to take all the photos in this blog post! The improved camera is my favourite feature of the phone. 

Due to more than a few dropped needles, and the recent addition of new chairs for my living room, our Christmas tree is already down. We packed away the ornaments and are slowly packing away any leftover decorations and with that, I am packing away my plaids and tartans for another year. As much as I love the Christmas season, I am really looking forward to the starkness of January. I love when everything has been put away and the beginning of a new year brings so much promise. With the new year I am looking to make a few changes with this blog of mine, one I hope you, dear reader, will enjoy! Based on analytics, and my personal preference, outfit and travel posts are top of the heap two years running! I am planning on scaling back on my post frequency and focusing more on outfits and travel recommendations! I have BIG travel plans for 2017 and can't wait to share what I have coming up in the next few weeks. 

Until then I want to thank you for following along on my little corner of the Internet (make sure you are also following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). I wish you and yours a Happy Christmas and all the best in 2017 xx, Rox-Anne

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