Cookbooks Holiday Gift Guide

Cookbooks make a great Christmas gift. You can give them to experienced cooks, those just starting out, and even to someone you pulled in the holiday gift exchange that you don't really know and have no idea what to get them! They make useful gifts but not just any cookbook will do. I've rounded up ones I have personally tested (I'm pretty sure I have every Martha Stewart book she had ever released), a few that friends of mine have tested, and ones I am dying to get my hands on. 

6. Posh Toast (Also available at The Art of Home in Cambridge, Ont.) 

You can't go wrong with a cookbook from icons like Martha Stewart, Ina Garten and Jamie Oliver. Martha's Cooking School cookbook is the perfect gift for someone just starting out or even someone who would like to expand their skills. Ina's recipes are never fail and I'm sure there will be some easy homey recipes in this one. Jamie's books are as entertaining to read as he is to watch. Make sure you follow him on Facebook, he is always posting quick video recipes. This is where I found my new, and much loved by my family, Yorkshire pudding recipe. 

After visiting London this summer I fell head over heels in love with Fortnum's. We bought many of their food hall items to bring home and well...they were well worth the cost. I can honestly say I've never had better jams, chocolates, teas or cookies before. No wonder they are the grocer to the Royal Family! Lucky Brits can get their hands on the first cookbook Fortnum's has ever released while those of us in North American would do well to check the shipping costs before ordering. For me shipping is the cost of the book! No matter, I'll just have to visit London again to grab it! 

AMH took up cooking a few years ago, much to the delight of our family and friends who he is always happy to cook for. Much of this is owed to one Donna Hay. He has all of her books, except this newest one which is devoted to a fresher take on items. Her imagery is what draws you in, but the fantastic recipes will keep you there. My only advice is to keep your phone or tablet handy to convert a few of her Australian measurements or to look up substitutions (doesn't happen too often but just thought I would mention it). Oh She Glows is another cookbook to place in the fresh category. The recipes are all vegan and come highly recommend to me by many of my friends who have both of Angela's cookbooks. Would make a great gift for the "I have to get healthy this year" friend. 

For the friend who is not too concerned about their carb intake, I recommend Posh Toast and A Kitchen in France. Posh Toast really needs no introduction, it delivers what it promises (and I thought avocado toast was the greatest thing in the world, this book really ups the ante on that!). Mimi Thorisson's popular blog Manger has spun off into two published cookbooks, A Kitchen in France is her first and two years later people are still talking about it. This is one cookbook that I am interested to try as I have not yet been exposed to French cooking. 

I hope this list helps you find a gift for someone on your list, or even for yourself! You could always buy one and have the meal you prepare be the gift you give!

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