My Winter Skincare Products

Last November I worked with Langdon Hall's Spa Director to share some winter skin care tips. I have taken much of Julie's advice and have been trying out different products to help my dry skin. Today I am happy to report that I have found quite a few winter skincare products that work for me, so I thought I would share with all of you!

This time of year is the worst for my skin. I have incredibly dry skin and hot indoor air just aggravates the situation, although I don't think it gets much better even in the summer. So for me, moisturizer is key. The products above are part of my morning routine; Aveeno face wash and daily moisturizer with SPF (I NEVER go outside without SPF on my face), Blistex for dry lips, The Body Shop Body Butter for my hands, and Perfect Pink Gel Coat nail polish as a neutral protectant for my nails. 

After much searching and testing out different products, I have found that Aveeno is tops for dry skin sufferers. The Positively Radiant face wash has a little exfoliant in it, which is a nice little wake up in the morning. The daily moisturizer has light reflecting particles in it to give your face a nice little glow (which is helpful for the days I skip make-up).  

Nighttime is when I worry the most about my dry skin. There is nothing worse then laying in bed, trying to sleep, while your skin tightens and itches! Every three days I use Ole Henriksen's walnut scrub and I find this has made all the difference in my skin. It's a great exfoliator and as Julie taught us, exfoliating is key in easing dry skin. For the other days I have been using the red tea foaming cleanser, followed up with sheer transformation moisturizer, both from Ole Henriksen. I fell in love with this brand a few years ago after receiving a sample of the sheer transformation moisturizer from Sephora. Their products have a lot of natural ingredients, with Vitamin C being a major ingredient in the majority of their products. 

My lips are still dry at night so I keep this little jar of Kalaya's wonder salve by my bed. I use it on my lips and the backs of my hands and wake up in the morning to incredibly soft skin. Sephora's eye make up remover is my personal favourite remover because it actually does what it says it will, and the vitamins protects your lashes from drying and they soothe the skin around your eyes. 

And while the other winter skincare products I have shared are topical, these two do their job on the inside. Yes, toothpaste is not skincare but I felt it was worth mentioning because it is part of my morning and nighttime routine. This Pronamel toothpaste has gentle whitening properties and protects my sensitive teeth, which seem to get even more sensitive this time of year (I blame the freezing cold temperatures). I started taking Biotin vitamins daily on the advice of many friends. These hair, skin and nails gummies are fighting the good fight on the inside. I have found that my nails are less brittle since I started taking these in the fall. 

After much trial and error I have finally found the perfect combination of winter skincare products that have helped ease my dryskin. I'd love to hear what is working for you, make sure to share your favourites in the comments below!

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  1. I'm going to look out for these options. Thanks for sharing so much, Rox-Anne. I now use Cerave face wash and body lotion (easy drugstore purchase) as well as a bunch of Occitane almond oil products that are really great.