My "Oops" Southern Banana Bread

banana bread recipe

So first things first, why on earth is this called My "Oops" Southern Banana Bread. It's quite simple really. I found a wonderful and simple banana bread recipe in a Southern Living "Our Best Recipes" book from 1971 that I bought at a vintage shop years ago. The recipe was rather large as it was meant for two bread pans. I was making this banana bread for two little boys at the time so I decided to half the recipe. Seems pretty easy right? I made sure to half each and every ingredient...except for the butter. I accidentally added the full amount of butter and totally forget to half it! I mean, more butter is always better so this accident was a very happy one and for the last 10 years I have been making this recipe with double butter and I suggest you do as well! 

9 Dresses to Welcome Spring

new spring dresses

I am a major dress lover and I couldn't be happier to see that dresses are getting some major coverage right now. Every major retailer is paying attention to the colourful, romantic trend and I for one am loving the return to feminine designs. If you followed my IG Stories this weekend you saw that I was shopping in Toronto you know that I am dress obsessed (how amazing was that Marchesa dress?!) So today I thought I would share with y'all my 9 favourite dresses to welcome spring!

Spring Finds

New spring items

I feel like I just slept for the last month. The grey gloomy weather, the constant snow and rain, and the demands of work and home all contributed to my feeling that winter would never end. But just like that, this week the sun came out and quickly melted all the snow! Add to this my never ending jealously of all my southern girlfriend's gorgeous IG feeds (magnolias, y'all!) and I've got full blown spring fever!

Tips for Working from Home

One of things I love most about my job is the flexibility. While I do work for a long standing corporation, they are very 'with the times' in terms of their workplace. I technically do not have a desk.


I've been busy snuggling this guy. Can you blame me?

A few of my favourite bloggers have been posting Life Lately or Life Update posts and I thought it was time that I share one of my own, especially given that I have been quiet for the last week!

Mexico Photo Diary Part Two

Earlier this week I shared a look at the resort we stayed at and the towns of Puerto Morelos and Playa Del Carmen. Today, I am sharing a look at our trips through the town and beach area of Tulum, the island of Cozumel, and lastly a look at Playa Del Carmen at night.