Berg and Betts

The Classic Berg and Betts watch

For a while I had been thinking that I needed a timepiece. I say 'timepiece' because to me it conjures up something that is classic and functional. Sure, I have a few of the big round face watches, but I wear them more as bracelets and because of their size, I just don't feel like they work with every outfit. I wanted something that would look great with a party dress and a simple pair of jeans.

I started my search with Berg and Betts the Canadian watch company and lo and behold I found exactly what I was hoping for - the classic gold and camel. I mean the first line of the description actually says "A sustainable take on the classic timepiece". I found my watch! Not only did I love that they are a Canadian company (remember my promise to see, eat, and meet 150 Canadian things this year for #Canada150Project) I just love their commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

The leather used in the watch straps comes from leather cast offs from around the world, all pieces that would otherwise go to waste and the watch faces are manufactured ethically in the city of Dongguan, about 75km from Hong Kong. All their suppliers are members of Sedex, a not for profit organization dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. You can be rest assured that buying a watch from Berg and Betts not only supports a Canadian company but also supports other companies that are equally committed to ethical standards in the fashion industry.

Canadian made watch

There are two styles of watches to choose from and within that, many colours of leather straps. The Classic, which I chose, comes in black, brown, cream and grey, all with either gold or silver metal. The Round has a few more colour options. You have the same colours as The Classic but also rose gold, light blue, navy and bordeaux. I received my Classic gold and camel last week and have been wearing it non-stop. The soft leather has already molded to my wrist, which is important to me as I switch which hand I wear my watch on. I normally wear a watch on my right hand, as this feels the most normal to me, but since I am right-handed, this can get in the way. I switch my watch to my left hand whenever I am using a computer or cooking in the kitchen as I was this morning and no matter which hand I wear this Classic on, it feels great! 

Berg and Betts recently launched in Holt Renfrew's H' Stores across Canada "Standing for Humanity, Health and Habitat here at Holts, H Project evolved out of our charitable designer collaboration program as our way to start giving back both locally and abroad. Curated from around the world, H Project’s products are all socially responsible by way of where they are made, by whom, with what materials, and how they give back." Read all about the H Project and where to find Berg and Betts in Holt Renfrew. 

You can also shop the full line of watches on the Berg and Betts website and as a special offer, Berg and Betts has offered readers of Celebrating This Life $20 off a watch of your choice! Just enter the code "Celebratingthislife" during check out. And don't forget, Berg and Betts offers free shipping!

Thank you to Berg and Betts for sponsoring this post!