Coal and Canary


Part of my promise to celebrate Canada's 150 birthday with my #Canada150Project was to bring you some incredible Canadian companies. Today I'd like to introduce you to our first, Coal and Canary.

I was first introduced to the brand at the Toronto One of a Kind show (a great way to find new artisans!). I was drawn in by the cute packaging, I was intrigued by the clever names like Baguettes & Sunsets, but I stayed for the smell. Oh, the smell. Each candle name perfectly sets the stage for what you will be smelling: Pink Chiffon & Fresh Cut Lawn, Cupcakes & Confetti and my personal fave, Crop Tops & Rain Drops. Each candle is made with high quality soy and vegetable wax with true to scent fragrance oils. I can't believe there is a fragrance oil out there that smells like spring rain but there has to be because Coal and Canary has perfected it.

Coal and Canary

You have to read Coal and Canary's About section. You know when it starts with "...was born over a glass of wine" it's going to be great. Two best friends Tom and Amanda decided to make the best hand-poured, small batch candles that not only smell good, but also look good too! I should also mention that their candles were included in the Grammy and Academy Award gift bags. Pretty exciting stuff for a Canadian company based in Winnipeg!

I decided to test that out by moving my 8 oz. candle around my house. I wanted to see if the smell filled the room and if it looked stylish in each. The candle right out of the box smells amazing but I wondered if it's size, 8 oz. was up to filling a large room with scent. That and can it mask the scent of two teenagers and two Bernese Mountain Dogs (this is why I am obsessed with candles. If I wasn't, I can't even image what my home would smell like).

made in canada

After renovating our hallway (for such a small space it took forever to do it!) I wanted to bring in a fresh scent that evoked spring because frankly, I am tired of winter weather at this point. I left the candle at our front door waiting to light it when we expected company. But before that happened, the kids came in and asked what smelled. Kids, they have a funny way of getting out their thoughts. I asked what they meant and they said the house smells nice, like spring rain or something. Now, these are two teenage boys who only care about cars and video games and they were impressed. So was I.

Coal and Canary

Next I decided to challenge this sweet smelling candle by lighting it in our main living room on a Friday night, which in our house means wine and records night. The scent filled the whole room and everyone, kids included, enjoyed the cracking sound. 

Coal and Canary

Well if the scent can fill our main living space, surely that means it will be too strong for a small area. Right? Wrong. On a particularly cold day I headed to bed with a magazine, a sweet treat and my Crop Tops & Rain Drops candle. After lighting it I thought to myself that the scent will be too strong and I'll end up with a headache, which is my experience with a few other candle brands. I'm here to tell you that none of that happened. It must be the soy or vegetable wax that makes the difference. 

Coal and Canary

I was so impressed with how the scent is in a small room I have eventually decided to keep it on my desk. Since I work from home so often, I like having a nice scent going during the day. This one is perfect and when the sunlight shines through my windows, it really feels like spring is on its way (not really, it's snowing again right now).

You can shop the Spring Fling collection, which of course includes my fave Crop Tops & Rain Drops and has a few others I am dying to get my hands on such as Peach Pies & Cute French Guys and That Hot Barista and I can't wait until Christmas rolls around so I can pick up a few of their holiday scents (Spoiler family and friends, you're all getting candles for Christmas).

Coal and Canary candle c/o